Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My head hurts.

You know how we all like to whinge about how terribly boring pressing seams is? Tonight I spent 4 hours wishing I had some seams that needed pressing because I was doing something that bored me literally to tears. Well, it made my eyes water. Staring at a screen for 4 hours and renaming all your mp3s will do that to you.

Now don't bother putting on a surprised face when I come out and admit that only a small portion of my music collection is legal. I won't bother getting into DRM issues or the difficulties faced by those who don't like either certain file formats or certain media players, because one of us has already been bored to tears today, and while a problem shared is a problem halved, it doesn't make what I would be doing to you any less mean. But I suppose the advantage of using a horrible, nasty program like itunes is that all your mp3s would be formatted the same way. When you download higgledy piggledy from the furthest corners of the internet, that's rarely the case.

The worst part is, I have a correctly titled collection of about 1500 songs. And another 2100 that need sorting. I suspect I would have sorted out about 500 tonight. So it's only gunna take me another 20 or so hours to get them all done.

I really should do it more often, in much the same way that I should do a better job of maintaining my stash, but in much the same way that it's easier to just put half your fabric bits in a cardboard box next to the bench, it seems easier to just pluck out the 3 or 4 songs I'm really into, put them into the main music folder (new folder 2) and leave the rest in the albums folder with all_the_really_annoying_underscores-and_random_18_numbers. But then, you realise it's gotten really bad (2100 songs bad) and you've gotta sort it all out, so it's arrow arrow arrow delete space arrow arrow arrow delete space to get rid of the underscores and make it look like normal text. For 500 songs. Which all need a slightly different combination of arrow arrow delete space arrow arrow delete space.

It used to be much easier, back when I thought 3 gig of internet a month was a lot. I would only download what I really wanted then. Now not only am I downloading whole albums, I'm downloading whole discographies. So I've got 120 songs by the one artist, of which I know, and will maybe listen to, a half a dozen. The rest are there for when, inevitably, someone out in the bar will say "do you have any Meatloaf/Chisel/Sugarland/Lady Antebellum?" followed by naming one of their more obscure tracks that noone in their right mind would have to hand.

But that's okay, because after renaming hundreds of tracks in dozens of folders, I'm not in my right mind any more.

P.S. in quilting news, the big pinwheels are done, so I feel like I'm getting somewhere with the quilting at least, even if I'm not getting anywhere with other stuff.


  1. What to say? Take two aspirin? or perhaps, at least you've got 4 hours done, you're 1/5th of the way there?

    Congrats on the big pinwheels. always best to look for something good, especially when your head hurts.

  2. I feel exactly the same way when I actually try to rename all my photos once every 5 years from the date 21_09_2006.1jpg to what the actual event was...it's excruciating, but it has to be done.

    I like Thea's idea of taking some aspirin (or something harder- like vodka) Wow- great idea maybe you could do a shot for every 50 you get done. By the time 300 rolls around you probably wont care.