Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am sooo not a morning person. I wish I was, because I do like dawn, and I think it can be a magical time of day, when noone's awake and there's interesting light and time moves a bit weirdly. But really, I'm only ever up at that time of the morning when something interesting is going on, like I'm going on holiday, and it's much more likely and also much worse that I should have to be up at a mundane hour of the morning like 8 or 9am.

This happened today. My hatred of mornings is well known by my colleagues, and because of it I'm never rostered before lunchtime, but we've agreed that if they've called everyone else, and I'm their last option, I will say yes. And there's a bit of a bug going around Woolies at the moment, and I got called. They were kind enough to call at 8, and since I was meant to be working my usual shift of 2.30 till 10.30, I tried to haggle an 11am start, since that would mean that whichever schoolkid worked till close could do 7 till 10.30 and then they wouldn't need a teabreak* but it's hard to haggle at 8am when you're still pretty much asleep, which is why I had to start at 10.

It was horrible. Really really horrible. I'm very happy with my bodyclock, for all that everybody else thinks it's whacked, and I really don't know how everybody else does it. My parent's have been informed that if anybody calls for me tomorrow morning, I'm dead, and will continue to be dead until 2.30, when I'll be at work. That should suffice. Any more than one morning a week would probably kill me.

*Which may seem mean, but it's very annoying to have to give someone a teabreak at 8.30 when there's only one other checkout chick, so they try to roster 3.5 hour shifts at night.


  1. Hopefully your colleague was appropriately appreciative.

  2. Im the opposite. I'd much rather get in there early and get it over and done with so I have the rest of the day to myself. Often by 11 am I'm almost halfway through my work day.

    Kinda sucks to see how the other half live doesnt it. You can so No with impunity if they call again this week.

  3. I'm an early riser and morning person too. Definitely prefer to get it over with as soon as possible. Hope you get to sleepi in for the next few days.