Monday, June 27, 2011

Me = Da Bomb.

Just for future reference, if, one day, any of you turn your computers on the be greeted with a blank desktop, with no icons or taskbar across the bottom, message me. Cause I am the bomb at fixing that shit :)

Meagan told me the other day that it was happening on her laptop. I knew it was just that explorer wasn't booting and Steven said if I booted it once it should just keep booting itself. Except last night when I had a go at fixing it, the damn thing wasn't there. Explorer, not the laptop. I really really struggle to fix laptops that have suddenly ceased to exist. And, admittedly, I did struggle for a while tonight to try and boot a program that had ceased to exist. But, because I am awesome, I found a seed of it in the registry, planted it, grew it into a mature program, ran it, and got it fixed*. Round of applause for me, since I didn't even have to use an illegal copy.

I did however fail to get it to connect to my wireless internet. Which is a massive shame, because if I had been able to, I would have gotten access to her facebook page and posted naughty things on her wall.

*They were all metaphors, because saying I went to regedit and re-exported the explorer.exe key makes even less sense. I do like the idea of breeding programs though. If we cross-bred Bejewelled with Bubble Breaker I think I would probably have to give up quilting and my social lives and just sit and play it all day.


  1. I undertsand the theory of what you did but Im not techno enough to really get it. And you know what - now that I know you can do shit like this I dont have to get it .I just have to yell "Sara " if my computer ever dies.

  2. :D seems the whole world is having computer problems all the time, my dear husband thinks it is something in blogger causing all the problems with the computers here at home, who knows could be. Shay, your so funny! LOL

  3. Actually regedit and re-exporting the explorer.exe key made more sense to ma .. but regardless, that is amazing! i have a mac and I have no idea how it works or what I do if it stops working .. other than call the apple store.