Monday, June 6, 2011


You know how some days you achieve a lot and some days you just write off in the knowledge that you're not going to achieve anything more quilty than popping one over your lap as you bum about on the couch?

Today was somewhere in between. Dad's been chopping down a lot of the trees around the yard in the past few days so my first few hours were spent helping haul branches onto trailers and utes, and since then I have been terribly stop-start-ish. I finished piecing the falling pinwheels quilt, in 15 minute spurts of effort that were about an hour apart.

And I bound the Mingle Star quilt, which is in the wash. I also ate 4 rolls of peppermint chocolate, quarter of a cheesecake, a can of tuna and two frozen apple fruit juice boxes, watched about a dozen episodes of QI, one of Hawaii 5-0 and two of Johnathan Creek, and read a novel. Which means even though I achieved a fair bit in quilting terms, I achieved far more in bumming about wasting time terms, which completely nullifies what I actually got done.

Think of it as a reverse of the "I've saved more money than I've spent" theory we've all used when justifying fabric purchases.

In other news, I would like to formally introduce everyone to the single most divisive rug in the whole of human history.

Is it the most awesome thing ever to be bought for $6.95? Or a hideous monstrosity? Does it look like brussel sprouts? Or broccoli? Or sea urchins? Do I love it more, or does Maddy?

Because Kelsey was the one who actually processed the sale of it from the local Lincraft store, I had decided that she couldn't get the ten points. But calling it a shag - well, that's genius, even if it is technically a mat and not carpeting. Ten points to Kelsey. Although I still don't know what I'm going to do with it - there's no bits of floor in need of a very unusual mat and I don't have the wall space to hang it, which is a shame. Even so: Love.


  1. So tell me. How do you eat all that and stay so tiny??!! You are amazing. The quilt is beautiful. Not sure about the rug, but if you love it, then it must be something worth loving.

  2. Your eating habits are like mine. Who else puts those foods in combination ? Im amazed you werent awake half the night with a guts ache. (Except you dont sleep at night really do you?)

    Obviously bumming is what you need to be doing at the moment. You cant make a quilt every single week little Miss Crafty. I think the weather is responsible. It's too bloody cold to do anything besides bum.

    I think the best place for that rug is probably somewhere it's not going to see the light of day very often ...just saying.