Friday, June 3, 2011

Just thinking... Or maybe going crazy...

I really like thinking about stuff. All sorts of stuff. Weird stuff. Some stuff I think about for a long time, some stuff I go at for a few seconds and then move on.

Working at Woolies is surprisingly conductive to thinking about stuff. Not so much during the day when it's busy, but after 8pm or so, especially on the smokes counter, there's plenty of time for pondering pointless things.

I also really like recursing. Tonight, at Woolies, I did some thinking, about Woolies.

Now, for reference, Woolworths is an Australian supermarket chain. There's lots and lots of them across Australia. There's thousands of staff across the country. There's friendship groups and in-jokes and rivalries between departments. Pretty much everything I can think about it, you can think about wherever it is that you work.

Today I joined a facebook group. One of those "Taking off your (thing) after a hard day of (thing)" - in this case, taking of your woolies uniform after a hard day of being fresh*. It's a really interesting page to read. It's mainly employees quoting their store number and whinging about either the Margaret Fulton** promotional tee shirts we're wearing or the Chips Ahoy*** adverts that play on the instore radio every 10 minutes. But it changed my earlier thinking, which was much more focused on our local store being a self contained living organism, to a notion that maybe working at Woolies is like being in some strange religion, maybe even a cult. What the hell, we wear silly shirts, threaten to kill ourselves when anyone starts singing "don't you want me baby" (the song in the Chips Ahoy adverts), hook up with one another and go out partying together on the weekends.

Yeah. Pretty cult-like.

Or, I don't know, maybe I've gone a bit crazy because I haven't sewn anything in over a week.

*Woolies slogan is "the fresh food people"
**Grandma-esque celebrity chef
***New brand of chocolate chip cookies/biscuits

P.S. I think posts like this need a label like 'really random shit' to differentiate from the normal, everyday 'random shit'  -actually, no, I'm going to go with 'seriously random shit'


  1. Seriously randomly hilarious...

    I HATE that Chips Ahoy ad..and would want to go postal if I heard it 1000 times a day.

    You do need to sew something....

  2. We don't have the Chips Ahoy ad here .. we are really missing things over here. Do we need to do an intervention to get you out of the cult???

    Agreed! you need to sew something ..