Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's late.

I have ummed and ahhed about this for about 16 hours now - to the point where it is no longer Friday, and causing reference to the post a did a few weeks back about my love of procrastination. Hell, I could have even turned it into a post about my love of indecision (or could I?)

But, I have decided not to. It's not even going to be a post about QI, which is going to be tough since it's also been in my head for the last 7 hours or so, excluding times I went to the loo.

Nope, It'll be about sewing in the middle of the night, in a pretty much empty house. I don't know why I struggle so much with sewing in the presence of others, but it really makes it difficult. Much better to sew while everyone's abed, off at the pub, or on a boat somewhere.

I once said that having sex was like doing the dishes - that it was much more difficult to do if there was someone watching*. Maybe it's like a sliding scale, with dishes grudgingly doable in the presence of others, quilting only doable in the presence of others if they're not only not in your way but also not interested in you, and members of the opposite sex really only doable if there's either no-one around, or you're really, really drunk.

Anyway, tonight's sewing was the first I've done in nearly a fortnight. Half square triangles too, because I'm a freaking idiot and decided that the way I really wanted to get back into it was with some bloody pinwheels. And not just one pinwheel quilt, oh no, I need to prove I am much, much more hardcore than that, so I'm doing two pinwheel quilts at once. Different designs, measurements, fabrics and even thread colours. The second of the two, which I have so far only cut, has 240 half square triangle units, although admittedly, only 224 of these will be used - I sold out and bought six fabrics from the Denise Schmidt ones at Spotlight today. I only went in to see if they had a dark brown that could go with the Michael Miller Falling Leaves that I now have more of**.

20cm cuts don't get you that many good selvedges
Initial square sizes were 20cm and 17cm
Much preferred to the size of these - just 10cm
I must say, I really like the primo homespun they have at Spotlight now. It's so much better quality, there's almost twice as many colours at the local store and best of all, I go look at the colours in the store, and I get them home, and they're the same colour! For all that I love internet shopping, and yes, at $6.95 a metre it's technically more expensive than kona from fabricshack even with the postage, the fact that I can just see the colours, and buy the fabric, and take it home right then and there, that's good. And if sometimes I accidentally buy some fabric that I can't help but think to myself will spontaneously turn me into a sheep, well, that's a small price to pay.

Actually, for the 6 cuts of prints, 2.4 of white to go with them and the 1.5 of brown (which now that I've gotten home and refined the math for is about 30cm underestimated) the actual price to be paid was about $41. And that's forty one strong, robust Aussie dollars there too.

And now, I've spent almost 45 minutes without the reassuring, dulcet tones of Stephen Fry in my ears. I must be getting back to that.

*I really cannot explain why, but I really don't like doing dishes in the presence of other people - possibly I worry that a) they will think less of me or more likely b) they will now know that I can indeed do it, and expect me to do it again.
**Speaking of, if anyone wants a $5 coupon for that needs to be used by the end of the month, message me - I really don't think I need it.


  1. Oh I must say I wasnt liking that DS line until I saw select pieces of it like you have there ...I can see some possibilities with pairing it with solids now . Thanks so much for giving me a reason to go to Spotlight this morning.

    Im still not sold on Spotty's homespun. I much prefer the way the Bella solids feel but completely agree with you about the colour matching dilemma.

    Glad you're back to sewing. You're nuts starting with pinwheels but if anyone can make it work you can!

    I'm going to be binding my arse off this weekend which is another chore I know you adore.

  2. so this falls into the seriously random category? I love HSTs .. and bindings. I must be nuts .. or perhaps I'm just on the opposite side of the world. You are too funny with the dishes thing .. I can't stand having people watch because I think they should be helping. Otherwise I don't care .. on the sex thing, I don't think I could be drunk enough to not care. Maybe that's the seriously random part :).

    Love the fabrics!

    also, it's still Friday here so you're not late by my standards.

  3. Well because of blogger I am commenting and friday is gone. hate anything domestic...dishes included. Love Stephen Fry!

  4. Love Stephen Fry.
    Picked up some of the Denyse Schmidt fabric the other day too.
    I don't mind pinwheels, but can't say I love them.
    I'm late commenting.

  5. Wow, your stacks of triangles are so neat, mine always look like a bird nested in them. Good luck on the HST quilts.

  6. Hmm, I love doing dishes alone. It's relaxing to me. Lol

    Hang in there. You Are The Woman so those pinwheels will BOW to you! :)