Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I may have started to hyperventilate there...

The more I work on this quilt, the less sure I am of how the hell I'm actually gunna quilt it. And I really want it quilted as soon as I've finished piecing it - it's taken me too long already and I just want to wash it and be able to start using it.

I'm kinda wondering it there's some weird kind of balance between this quilt and my first one, which came about so effortlessly. This time last year, I was really getting into the stride of that quilt - come Sunday it will be a year since I completed it. That quilt happened really easily - unsurprising really since it was made by taking a massive pile of random 10cm squares and arranging them by eye on the kitchen table. I straight line quilted it in the ditch in one direction and folded the backing around to make a border. Nice and easy.

This one though, I'm not sure how I'm gunna do it. My tendency to go over every seam is overkill when they're going in 4 directions, but covering only two directions doesn't seem like enough.

I may have to send it off. I've never done that before. I don't like the idea of having to trust someone else to do justice to something I've put so much effort into. And will the lady at the quilt shop be okay with me saying "just a boring all over stipple, please"? And do I need to add extra to the front? Give it a border or something? Can I still do a pieced back? Will she get cross that some of my points are shoddy? How much will it cost me? Will she mind that all the fabrics are from Spotlight and not from her? Will she think I'm a sheep for using the DS fabrics? Will I embarrass myself even more by saying "yes, but even weirder, they're in the Joann's colourway" forever marking myself as a sad sorry loser with no life?


Just had to go look at my bag for a bit, remember how awesome I am. I feel a bit better now.

Back to the quilt, the good bits of it at least, the border pieces have all been cut and the short bits have been sewn on. Tomorrow night I shall sew on the long bits, Thursday night I shall piece it all together and on Friday, my day off, I shall take it and the brown one to Helen's to show her, because I've been too busy with work and trying to deal with actually having a social life* to visit, even though it makes me sad. Also, I haven't really had much to show off.

Maybe having no life wasn't so bad after all.

*in direct contrast to what you would expect of someone who knows which DS fabrics were released in which country, even though she doesn't really care about it and thinks that the internet's obsession with the designer in question does little more than make them look like sheep. Why can't my brain learn and retain useful things, like basic html? I'm sick of having to google whether it's or afterward. (I think it's the first one)


  1. If you're hyperventilating, you'll need to breathe into a brown paper bag .. and take the bag with you when you go to the quilt shop. So if you start to hyperventilate there, they will feel sorry for you and just say warm and fuzzy things, until you leave. :)

  2. Good Grief Girl - take a breath!

    I quilted my pinwheels along every seam in every direction. Straight line sewing. I thought it probably didnt need anything more than that . However I think an all over meander would look good too. Yes you can still do pieced back-just make sure it's at least 4 inches bigger all round than you need and make sure you stay stitch your seams.

    By the way quilt shop ladies have seen people with much much less of a life than you have . They'll probably think you're amazing because you're young and crafty. They'll talk about you - but in amazement and awe!