Monday, June 13, 2011

I love you :)

I have a question: why is it that noone wants to hear my claims of universal love unless I'm drunk? And when I'm drunk, noone believes them?

I have a deep, abiding affection for pretty much everyone I know. An appreciation that they are struggling as much as the next person, as much in need of love as I am, and that they have played a small but vital role in making me who I am, and indeed, the world the place it is today. I love everyone for being themselves, for embracing themselves, from shying away from themselves. For being honest or for putting on a front. For being people, acting like people do. They are amazing, and wonderful, and I love them all. I love you all.

And because I've had (a whopping) 5 drinks since 11pm, well, I expect I will get the "Sara's drunk, she loves everyone" response. But I love everyone all the time, just like I feel that everyone should, to a certain extent, be honest all the time, and not so prudish or squeamish, even when I'm stone cold sober. Life's too short to frost a cupcake. I read that book last night. It was quite good, though the idea that her ex could sleep with both her best friend and her sister seemed a bit far fetched. Nonetheless, life is certainly too short to waste hating on one another. You could be dead tomorrow, so you may as well tell people how much they mean to you. Even if you've been drinking.

I love all you guys.


  1. And this isn't even your favourite thing this week! I agree with the honest, but I'm kind of prudish (kind of?), so I can't necessarily give that up, but that's being honest, right? Anyway, if everyone had your attitude or half your attitude what a different world this would be. Life is to short to hate anyone. what's the book you just read?

  2. You are one deep lady Sara. You're brilliant and sassy and wise and have the insight of people at least twice your age. You know how to have fun and have a laugh at yourself and this world is truly a better place with you in it.

    And I havent had a single drink.

    Love you too!