Friday, June 10, 2011

I love these guys.

I have, I suppose, a fairly mundane job. I work at a supermarket. I work afternoons and nights, because I'm very much not a morning person. Because (at 23) I'm old by the standards of a lot of my fellow night-working (ie. after school) colleagues, I get to do supervision or work the front counter, which involves dealing with whingey-poo customers and selling cancer sticks, since South Australian legislation says they can only be sold from a designated counter within the store.

And while I think a might maybe like to work at the DMV because I'm curious about certain peculiarities of South Australian car number plates, that alone is not reason enough to give up my job. Because I love my job. Or more specifically, I love my co-workers.

You know how you're not supposed to have favourites? I have favourites.

Meagan and Anna work in the cash office. I used to, but the store manager and I don't get on, and in there, you have to deal with him way more than when you're just at frontend. Also, 5am Saturday starts. *shudder* But Meagan and Anna are my homies, since I've been in their boat, and we're all in our 20s. We're going to Lonegernong BnS ball together in August.

Lauren and Tegan make me laugh. And it's easy to make them laugh. It's especially easy to make them laugh when they're using the instore intercom. Lauren's just turned 18 so she can come to the pub with us. Tegan watches all the same TV shows as I do, so I give them to her once I've downloaded them.

Sarah has the same name as me, which is quite annoying. She goes on the smokes counter when I'm supervising. She likes saying mean things about people she is friends with, which is funny.

Janelle is the other night supervisor, and she's in charge when I'm on smokes. She's been at woolies 15 years, and she (like me) gets that the attitudes of the 16 year olds who work after school isn't gunna be the same as that of the managers who have made a career of it, and that you need to treat them differently. This is why Janelle and I are liked, and the juniors spend a lot of time bitching about the other supervisors.

Ellie gets really excited about little things and jumps up and down squealing, which is adorable.

Emily is tall and pretty and athletic and nice, which annoys us because if she was just tall and pretty and athletic we could hate her, but she's so nice and sweet and funny that we can't.

Simone's ex was my ex's little brother. We go to karaoke together sometimes. She can sing a lot better than I can.

Louise lies convincingly and often, but not about important stuff. She'll make us believe that there was two midgets fighting in the carpark, or that she's actually only 14.

The boys in nightfill make us all laugh. Correction - we all laugh at the boys in nightfill.

In a year or so, there will be a new Woolworths store in town. Apparently, they want to take a lot of the more senior staff from our store to the new one, so last night Tegan was philosophizing that it would be like the end of high school and that we would never see each other again.

I got that song from the end of Grease (We Go Together) stuck in everyone's head, becuase it seemed like the most appropriate response.

Tonight, a half dozen of us are hitting the town a little bit. Saturday night, we will hit the town properly. Backing it up, Woolworths style.

I may not have the best job, but I have the best friends, and I get paid to spend time with them. I'm pretty happy with that.


  1. Sounds like a great group. You are very lucky to have such a great group of people to work with. Hope you have a great time tonight!

  2. Consider yourself lucky. I think it is very important for your sanity to work with people you get along with. And since no one gets along with me in real life I opened up my own buisiness. I basically work alone - but at least I don´t have to work with peolpe who don´t understand me (which are about 98 % of the Germans- funny never had that prob in the States - there is something different about Germans....oh well)

    Have a wonderful time hitting the town.

  3. You are very lucky to have such a great group of co workers that you can call your friends. I'd be very happy with that!

  4. Seems the ladies that work at my local supermarket all have the best time too, it does look like a fun place to work.
    Working with people who you can call friends has to be the best place to work.

  5. FTF today was going to be the girls I work with but I couldnt make the words do what I wanted them to do.

    Totally important to like (most of ) the people you work with. You spend a crapload of time with them and you need to bust out and have some fun too!

  6. Great favourite, Sara, cause if you don't like the people you work with, your days can be VERY long. Have fun with your pals on your night out. Happy Saturday! :o)

    For some reason, it's not letting me comment with my account. Just so you's me Larri @ Seams Inspired

  7. When I started working someone pointed out the you spend more time with the people you work with then your family. So it's great that you like the people you work with. Hope you have a great time Saturday night (that doesn't require being bailed out).