Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I have a Gym Bag!

 It's big, and square, and it matches my handbag.

I probably claim about once a month that this, that or the other has made my life complete. I'm about to do it again. This bag makes my life complete. It has a rainbow tie dyed lining too.

It even has pockets inside.

Okay, so I only put pockets inside so that I could say "It even has pockets inside!" but that's beside the point.

It's not quite finished - I need to go over the inside seams with a zigzag. But I said I would stop at 5am, so I have.

I could have made this bag a lot easier. It arrived in my brain fully formed, with cutting instructions and a clever way to set the zip so it was really easy. I have done absolutely no hand sewing on this whatsoever. But my brain said there was an easy way, that would  waste about a 45 by 30cm square of fabric, or a hard way, that would let me use that fabric to make two little outside pockets at either end. I don't really need the little pockets (the inside ones work for the easy way and the hard way) but I figured I may as well put in the extra effort.

I'm a sucker like that.

But basically, it's just one of those little boxy pouches, scaled up to 40cm long, 25cm wide and 30cm high, with some straps and pockets. But instead of starting with a rectangle and cutting little bits out, I got lots of exactly the right sized rectangles and put them all together. And by using zipper by the metre, and sewing it in in two bits and then putting the pulls on after it was all sewn in, I got rid of all the usual zipper hassles.

I've also just realised that I never blogged the yellow star pillow in the background. I made it with some of the charm squares Shay gave me. There's a half done blue one about somewhere too, I must finish that.


  1. You are a sucker Sara but we love your work

  2. Great bag, I wish I could come up with a plan like that and make it without dithering for months over the pattern, the fabric etc.

  3. Very cute! Will it help you want to work out? I'm not sure anything will do that for me!