Monday, June 20, 2011

I can't wait to get the chance to fall in love with it...

Tonight, I told myself to suck it up and work on the quilt.

So I did. Not particularly happily, or efficiently, since I was having a movie night, but progress was made. 56 nice, neat pinwheels are all sewn, pressed and sitting prettily in a pile. Half of them have even been trimmed.

God I hate trimming. It just makes me so cross, like, "why couldn't you have just done it right to begin with?"

The little ones now need borders and then it's time to put it all together. Hopefully this is the bit where it all magically speeds up, because it's been bloody slow so far. 392 lots of sewing and pressing, and that doesn't include the ones I screwed up and had to unpick and do again.

If ever you are making pinwheels, the knowledge that you need only times the number of pinwheels by 7 to arrive at the number of seams you have sewn and pressed won't actually come in handy, but hey, quiltmaths cred.

I guess the problem I'm having is that I really have no idea how it's actually gunna look in the end. I could lay it out on the back of the first retro quilt because that had a white back that could pretend to be the not-yet-done-bit of my bordered blocks, but that quilt it somewhere near the bottom of the pile I sleep under every night, so I figure I may as well just wait.

And because it's the right day today (for her) even though it was also the right day yesterday (for me), a big happy birthday to Thea :)

EDIT: I feel really bad now, because when I said it was the right day for me yesterday, I meant it was Thea's birthday for me yesterday, in that facebook said it was, but I am 18 hours ahead, so it was Thea's birthday from Thea's point of view when I was writing it. My birthday was in January, and instead of keeping quiet about it, I did a blog post entitled "Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee" because on the 22nd of the first, I'm even more attention seeky than usual.


  1. You both kept your birthdays rather quiet. I had no idea. Happy Birthday Sara!

    I feel like trimming is a waste of my time . But I do it because I like for my quilts to be square and they never ever sew up that way!

    You have oodles of quiltmaths cred in my book with or without working out that 7 pinwheels x seams x ...I forgot already because it was maths and I hate maths. Maths hurts my head.

  2. Thanks Sara! Ditto on what shay said about the maths, because I'm having trouble understanding what she said about what you said, and that is all getting too confusing for me ..

    I just started trimming and it has made things much better .. so remember, it is long and tedious but worth it in the long run!

    P.S. fb keeps me from keeping my birthday secret .. (of course I could take it off .. and I haven't).

  3. Happy Birthday Sarah!

    I hate trimming too, thankfully I don't usually have to do much of that, unless it's HSTs.