Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crossing fingers and toes.

I have pretty much left quilting by the wayside as I work on my mp3 collection. I feel bad about it, but on the other hand, I really am starting to feel like I'm getting somewhere. Which is good because it almost makes up for the fact that it's really really boring and I'm not gunna get a pretty blanket out of it. Instead I'm harnessing plans for a super amazing portable jukebox that can plug into the nearest sound system, maybe run from my tablet. Which I have to send off for a replacement charger for, because apparently some other peoples' have spontaneously combusted. Maybe from sheer awesomeness, but more likely an electrical fault.

I was thinking I might maybe do the little pinwheels tonight but then I didn't get home till 12.30 because Meagan and I managed to talk for two whole hours. About everything and nothing. And some other stuff too. And it was probably more fun than pinwheels anyway.

Good news though - I get the next two days off. And what I couldn't do in two weeks of holiday, I'm hoping to make inroads on in two days.

Yep, it's time for cleaning my room: Third time lucky.


  1. Enjoy your days off.

    I cleaned my sewing room two days ago.Im not sure why since I know by this time next week Im not going to be able to find a thing in there again!

    They say the third time's a charm, so maybe your room will get done this time(although if it really was a charm you'd think it would clean itself )

  2. The mp3 project has an ending though .. and not too long, right. and with two days you can work on both things. Enjoy those days off.

    Until I moved out of my parents house, I never cleaned my room. So maybe you should just wait until you move out? Just a thought. Don't tell my daughters I said that ..