Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Confused, but not concerned.

So it would seem that, judging by the competition being run on Red Pepper Quilts, the fabrics that I'm using aren't actually the Australian ones. The green colourway is one of the Joann's ones, so I'm curious as to how I have ended up with it.

I'm glad it was what was at my store though. With the exception of one of the yellows, which I wouldn't have really been able to piece into a quilt all on it's own, I wasn't a huge fan of many of the other colours. Bit serendipitous that. As was my ability to spell serendipitous right first go. I don't think I've ever typed that word before, but maybe I'm just that much more awesome than I even realised.

Work tonight was typically quiet for a Tuesday that was freezing cold (well, about 4°C) and bucketing down with rain, so I got all my math done properly for my design revision. I need 13cm more of each print - thankfully Spotlight cuts in 5cm increments - and enough white to go with it. My big pinwheels will come out to 19cm and my little ones were always going to be 13cm - now they'll have 3cm borders instead of 5cm sashing. I'll have to make 112 more HST units but I should also be able to get away with - for now - only pressing and pinwheeling 112 of the little ones too. And all those other ones I've already cut and sewn - well, I'm going to make the original one anyway, just a bit smaller. 113x131cm is still bigger than many of the quilts I've made so far, so I'm thinking of this as my two for the price of one plan. Well, admittedly I keep going back and getting a little more of this or that, so it will no doubt be two for the price of two, but oh well. One of these days, when I get up the motivation to do more than just maths, it's gunna look awesome.


  1. I saw your daily temp for yesterday on the news and thought "I dont miss that ".

    You know that when you talk maths I just drift away to my happy spot dont you?

    I did pop into my local Spotlight on Saturday to have a look at the DS fabrics. I still didnt like them enough to buy any. I feel so fortunate. I do love the ones you bought but they just werent right with my project idea.

    Sewing pinwheels isnt the revolting part. Pressing is the kick in the bores me stupid.

  2. I went to the Box Hill spotlight to look at the DS fabric, and they had different fabric to what Rita has shown, as well as the ones she has on her blog. I think you will find that there are more than what she has for the give away. I don't love them either, and just bought the dots in the green and pink colourways, and a blue and a red small print, none of which from memory Rita had in her stash.
    I'm over pinwheels already and I've only made 30! I still haven't sewn them together.

  3. Serendipitous! excellent. I was at Joann's and had no idea where to find the DS fabrics or if they even had them. I'm totally not with it.

    Hope you get the math worked out for the quilt. I'm sure it will turn out great.