Sunday, June 5, 2011


Well, it's still in bits but I've made progress to the point where it looks like a pinwheel quilt.

It was still at blocks at that point and I haven't made a huge amount of progress from there, as it turns out that it's really quite difficult to quilt and watch some truly excellent late 90s murder mysteries. You keep getting distracted looking for the clues, even when you've seen it before.

Nonetheless, if you're not quilting, I highly recommend a show called Jonathan Creek. Go for the earlier seasons though, they're a lot more fun - well, as fun as people dying interesting and unusual deaths can be.

Anyway, the quilt should end up at about 135cm square. And for the first time in ages I pressed a seam to the side - I've always been a seam splitter, I just think it looks so much nicer, but on the corners of the blocks with the borders it made a nasty bump where it folded over and over on itself, so there's two seams on each of the bordered blocks that are pressed differently. I just have to keep telling myself over and over that literally thousands of quilts are made every year with the seams pressed to one side, and they don't spontaneously fall apart, or acquire unsightly lumpen bits.

Speaking of lumpen bits, 10 points to whoever guesses what this is:

Whatever it is, it's bloody fantastic.


  1. That's like a million balls of wool...or really weird looking peas , take your pick.

    Looking good with the pinwheels Sara. Ive just pressed seams to the side for the first time ever and am waiting for the sky to fall in...

  2. Ahh I am a seam side pressed and a seam open presser. I just do which ever takes my fancy at the time and which seems to work better.
    Looks like green fleece or balls of wool.

  3. The pinwheels look good!
    I love Johnathon Creek. Alan Davies is a babe!
    Looks like a good frolick field? A leprechauns chest hair? The inside of my nostrils? A good shag?