Friday, June 10, 2011

BIG plans.

It's interesting the series of emotions that can happen in an hour or so's progress on a quilt. After I split my HST units last night and ironed out the 112 I need for the big quilt, I thought that it didn't take me that long to iron them out, and it wasn't that bad. I was feeling optimistic that progress would maybe take twice as long as a usual quilt, and it should be a finished top in maybe 2 weeks. Tonight I looked at the little tiny pile of ironed squares and thought it was nowhere near big enough, and I looked at all the ones that have been put aside unironed for the smaller quilt, and I think, holy cow there's a lot there. So I worry, have I done my maths right, that seemed too easy, and shouldn't I have used more of them? There's too many left over. But I did do it right - there's one and a half times as many leftover ones as used ones but it seems like a lot more.

And then I got to cutting the slightly bigger ones. And seven strips being cut into 8 squares each took almost no time at all. Okay, it took over an hour. But it didn't feel like it. Cutting the big white bit into the same number of triangles probably took less time, but it felt like more. And now that they're all cut, and in a neat little pile, it looks as if there's a million billion of them and it will take me the rest of my life.

So I may as well wait till tomorrow to get started. That feeling I think is a mix between despondency and apathy. I anticipate it getting worse tomorrow as I sew them together, disappearing tomorrow night as I hit the town for town-hitting-practice with people from work, returning on the tails of a slight hangover, easing (hopefully) once I've pressed them all (assuming it goes as quickly and effortlessly as list night's 112) and drowning in a sea of alcopops as we properly get into town hitting on the Saturday night.

We have accepted the challenge laid down by mankini man. We are gunna back it up, two nights in a row, Woolies style. We may end up making a scene at Coles*

Expect a return to the nights of drunken rambly posts.

*for the non Australians, Coles are the rival supermarket. I plan on stealing their cardboard cutout of Curtis Stone so that we'll have a breeding pair with our cardboard cutout of Margaret Fulton.


  1. Whatever you do dont drink and sew! It's a recipe for disaster. And only idiots drinks and sew.

    I often feel all that self doubt mid quilt. You just need to break it down into "I'll do 50 today " and stop looking at the leaning tower of fabric.

    Can you imagine what the love child of Margaret and Curtis would look like? I beg you to keep those cutouts separated.

  2. I've never tried to drink and sew, so I'll defer to Shay on that. Agreed on the breaking it down into smaller quantities. and sometimes, 50 turns into 51 or 52.

    I think I need a translator ..

  3. I agree, don't drink and sew, and especially don't drink and use a rotary cutter!
    Eeeew Shay has just made an icky picture pop into my mind. Yes please please keep Margaret and Curtis separated.