Saturday, June 18, 2011


Somewhere in my bedroom are 40 magnetic bag clasps.

God I wish I knew where.

I bought a really big one today at Spotlight because I thought it looked funky, but I'm making two bags.

Or I would be, if I could find a clasp to put in the second one so I could get it finished. Sigh. I suppose I should properly finish sorting my room. Does anyone know where big tubs are on special this week?

Another reason for needing to clean my room is that we have decided that we are going to host a woolies party. The teenyboppers had been pestering me to host one for a few weeks and Casey has decided it's been too long since we had a piss up we could fall into bed effortlessly after. We are thinking a Happy New Financial Year one on the second, but we're not sure who's working when.

Anyway, back to the bags.

I'm terrible at photographing bags :(

Already full of stuff.

New design, which I didn't entire think through and therefore had to hand sew a bit. Base of bag (brown bit) and the lining were made and sewn together, and the top bit and handles were made to slip over the top, with the intention of then just running the join through the machine to attach them together. But I didn't leave enough at the top of the base to be able to pin the two together well enough to run it through the machine, so I had to tack it down by hand first. But I'm incapable of simply "tacking something down" - if I'm gunna hand sew I'm gunna do it right.

The brown fabric is a faux suede type furnishings fabric that I bought a few metres of a while back. It feels amazing, although it's probably a bit too brown for me. Don't get me wrong, I like brown (being the colour of chocolate and all) but my bags are usually a bit more rainbow. The lining at least is a tie dye I bought on ebay ages ago. I sometimes forget that I never ever use them and buy them accidentally. Oh well.

That's the inside (pink) and outside (same batik as the band on the first bag) for bag #2. It's the same as my last 3 bags. I really like the design, for all that it doesn't have pockets. And the opening is bigger on this one than on my finished one. Still, I guess I'll be using it for a few days, till I either find all the magnet clasps or give up and go buy another one.


  1. Very cool bags! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!

  2. Your bags look terrific. Really really wonderful. I hope you find the clasps. Where do you buy them from and how much are they?

    Reject shop usually has tubs at reasonable prices or Cheap as Chips but I dont know if theyre on sale this week.

    I've been toying with the idea of making a bag lately . Not a tote - an actual bag . Im always put off by the fact that bag making is HARD.

  3. Great bag. I love that bright top paired with the brown.