Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Steps.

Unfortunately I had to work today (I said no, they said okay, they called back and asked again, and this time it was an afternoon shift, so I said yes just so I could go back to sleep for the rest of the morning) which got a bit in the way of my big cleaning plans. As did this:

My first ever layer cake. I haven't done anything with it except take it apart, rearrange it, sort it into little groups and stack it all back together again. I think I'll do the same star design as I did for the first retro quilt, but I don't know what to pair it with. Casey thinks something like Kona Lagoon (well, she thought "that one", which was Kona Lagoon) But I think I want a really pale lemon-lime. It's really really nice though it does have the same problem as Central Park in that it has really nice large prints, which I find a little hard to work with, and of course the name of the line rhymes with the name of the designer. Which I really really hate. If it's not a song lyric or a couple of lines from a poem, it just should not rhyme.

This is why I am always rude to people called Louise*. It's not personal - their parents just gave me no choice.

Back to the layer cake though, I've got 6 lots of four prints in similar shades and 2 more lots of two which will make a quilt with four rows of three and a half stars. And there was eight quite nice pale squares that I'm gunna put with some other fabrics and make something nice with too. Probably before I do the actual quilt, because pale lemon-lime is not a colour that displays well on monitors, and therefore difficult to buy online.

Once I was done despairing over my inability to find a complimentary solid, I got into doing at least a bit of room sorting - I went through my cupboard and bagged for the salvos, well, nearly everything. 21 pairs of jeans by the end of it (I still kept 13, which should give you an indication of how out of control my wardrobe had become) about the same number of fluffy roll neck jumpers and knit dresses and long sleeve tees. And a half dozen pairs of boots (well, they're stopping off at a friend who has the same shoe size's place first) and quite a few strappy heels that I probably only ever wore once.

So now at least all my often-worn clothes are in the cupboard instead of on the end of my bed. The rest of my room is still terribly messy though, but baby steps.

*I always say "please" when I call someone over the PA, except for two of my co-workers who are called Louise.

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  1. You have to pace yourself (I'm encouraging and supporting your baby steps here )

    I think you have about as many pairs of jeans as I do . Maybe I should spend some of this weekend cleaning out my wardrobe. I'd do it now but Mr. P is inconsiderately sleeping...

    Whatever you make with that layer cake will be wonderful.