Sunday, May 8, 2011


So I've had a bit too much to drink. After a big night which included turning down a 40 something year old co-worker and doing my best to encourage a 19 year old coworker to hit on me instead of one of my besties, who has a proper boyf that she's probably gunna marry. But now I'm home, though I left my swag there as well as the rest of my booze. And now, well, I'm not gunna quilt. I'm up to difficult bits of quilting now (in th ditch and strange round and round quilting) so it's not the kinda thing I should be doing while under the influence. But that's okay, because bed! Yay for bed!


  1. Well this post wasnt at all rambly so I have to question how drunk you REALLY were.

    Hope you sleep well and dont wake up later feeling blerk!

    Yes quilting and alcohol do not mix...

  2. I commend you on the wise decision to put off quilting ..