Sunday, May 15, 2011


I had momentum. I had stuff done, and I took photos to prove it. It wasn't good stuff, but hey, stuff. Everybody loves stuff.

And now, it's nearly 4am, and I'm sitting on the couch because I cant be bothered going to bed. But Rhinestone Cowboy's on, so things aren't too bad.

Anyway, #50 is half done, but looks a bit crap*, the house is still a mess, we're still out of plates, the fire's still going and I still haven't made any progress on any of my bindings.

Particularly proud of the fire. It's 28 in here right now, and I'm sorry American friends, I've no idea what that translates to. "Fall asleep on the couch warm" I think, as opposed to the "bloody hell it's cold" 9 degrees outside.

*blocks are sewn but need to all be put together. I'm not sure if it looks bad because all the points don't match yet or if it's just bad, so I'll assemble it and try again tomorrow.


  1. I'm over the cold weather already. I went outside last night at 10.00 and my lungs froze over from the mere act of breathing...

  2. Sorry about the cold, but I'm glad it's warm inside .. so weird that it's winter in May. What happened to the pictures?