Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tonight... I actually did what I was meant to...

Tonight I got home and I looked at my very big list of things I need to be doing to get ready for the weekend.

And naturally, with plenty of other shit to get done, what I wanted to do more than anything was make a quilt.


So I bummed about by staring into the fridge for a bit, and read a few chapters of a book, and had a look around the internet to see if it had anything interesting for me to download, and wrapped and labeled all my mugs and put them in a box that was pretty much exactly the right size. And since that should have been on my list of things to do for the weekend, it seemed like a good time to segue into the things that actually were on my list.

So I went through all my jeans and picked which ones I'm taking, and went and got my old suitcase out of the shed and found out it had gotten a bit moldy so I switched to the smaller of the two that I got last night from Helen and really, it's properly gorgeous - the interior is lovely too, which is rare. And, thankfully, it's big enough to fit my underskirts, which are made from tulle and flannelette (for extra warmth) as well as all my normal clothes. The fur coat of course has it's own case.

I found my puffy ski overalls which should be perfect for recovery on Sunday and put some spare undies into little ziplock bags. I have little ziplock bags full of undies stashed everywhere.

I did a load of washing that consisted pretty much of just 33 million socks. Though of course, by the time they've been washed, dried and sorted it will be down to 16 million socks, which is a shame.

Then I got bored and made some spaghetti. It was yum. But still, I'm feeling a lot more organised that I was earlier. Tomorrow I need to clean out my car though, and that's gunna suck.

All at the same time I am thinking about doing a quilt with pinwheels, except, well, I don't really like the look of them. My pile of little tiny pinwheels is toats cute, but an allover pinwheel pattern just isn't that aesthetically pleasing to me. I'll probably have to wait until next week and have a few seshes on the computer trying to come up with something cool.


  1. good job! and how do you not love pinwheels? Ah well, we all have different tastes.

    sounds like you're getting pretty organized for the weekend.

  2. Sounds like you are pretty organised. I love pinwheels, but I don't think I could love a whole quilt of them either.
    Why do socks disappear in the washing and drying process? Annoying, especially as I have lots of different coloured and patterned ones and I don't like wearing mismatched socks.