Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The title of this post can only be expressed through interpretive dance.

I am plugging away at quilt # 50. It's coming together slowly, but I've stopped for really, really late tea. It's in 5 pieces at the moment - a big middle piece and the one-square-wide edge strips. Technically, it is a good design idea, since it meant all my blocks were the same size and fit together very easily, which they wouldn't have had the edge been made part of them, but in the real world it means that I now have 4 long bits of stitching to do, which is a problem for someone who usually has to force herself to join the last two big bits together.

Why does the hardest part have to be at the end? If it's not binding it's joining 43 billion points together in a row. I should give up and go to bed, but it's all laid out on the floor so I'm just gunna suck it up and get it done.

My high from earlier has dissipated. Meagan was working tonight and once again we did the laughing so hard we ended up on the floor crying thing, and then while driving her home we discovered we've spent half our lives in the same place and never even realised it. And we're so looking forward to going to the Myponga BnS in less than a fortnight with Anna, but about 2am I move my handbag because it's in the way of my ironing and it gets a message. Service is patchy at my house and it had been trying to come through for a couple of hours at least: it's from Anna and it says "I have bad news"

The bad news I suspect will be that she's not gunna come. She'd been worrying about the money and the prospect of getting a new place at around the same time, but really, if there's one thing that shits me more than anything, it's people who are um-ah about plans. Especially big, 1000km round trip roadtrip plans, with a group, in convoy. That I've already bought her stuff for. And which have $130 prepaid tickets, which, thankfully, we aren't getting till Thursday.

Nonetheless. I'm kinda pissed. I've also run out of Spicks and Specks episodes and my fire has gone out.

But: My mug is here

As are my boots

So it's not all bad. And I've just made an executive decision. I'm gunna go to bed. Put it up on the bench, do it later.


  1. Love the boots and the coffee cup. Hopefully the bad news is not what you're thinking it is. I was making up some other "bad news" scenarios but I don't know Anna and it wouldn't be kind of me to say them.

    Can't wait to see #50.

  2. You DO realise that as you were eating tea , I was getting up for breakfast right ? It seems neither of us is normal with our bed/waking/eating times.

    Love those boots-how many times have you had them on since they arrived?

    I had a points crisis Sunday night which meant I chucked the quilt bit in a corner and like Scarlet O'Hara vowed to try another day. The hardest bits arent always at the end. Sometimes a whole quilt is a challenge.

    Get back to us straight away - we want to know what Anna's bad news is!

  3. The boots ROCK and so do the quilts I saw tonight, some great work there.
    Anna's Bad news is worse than BAD, it seems her great great Grandmother was arrested in a brothel and was also carrying a huge stash of drugs, it seems her great Granny is the top king pin in a huge drug ring so Anna had to use her B & S Ticket money to bail her granny out of jail. Bad Luck that Granny got arrested so close to the ball.... poor Sara!