Monday, May 16, 2011

Stuff I'm liking...

Because I'm wild and crazy, I'm doing my favourite things on a Thursday. Yeah, hardcore. Well, not really. It's already Friday here.

My favourite thing today is sick days. 2am snack of hardboiled eggs last night left me with a tummy ache and so I called in sick and spent the day bumming about the lounge room. So while feeling shitty can be shitty, in my usual positive way, here's all the good bits.

I like how, on a regular day off, I would be stressing out and bustling about trying to get everything done. Whereas today I bummed about on the couch all day.

I like it when I manage to light the fire with the WD40 I usually use on my sewing machine. We've run out of firelighters, but it works quite well in case of an emergency.

I like it when the fire is really really hot. Too hot to sit right in front of, but at the point where it's just the right temperature two metres away on the couch.

I love blankets and pillows on the couch.

I love wireless internet. Having to deal with only the power cable is okay, but if I had to hardline my internet there'd be wires crisscrossed all over the lounge.

I love browsing online shops for dresses I will never buy.

I love knowing pretty much exactly how to make myself a ball gown off the top of my head. I need to get myself some tulle. I like tulle. Especially when it's rainbow.

I love mugs. Fancy mugs that would be one of a kind except I ordered 4 of them. I love drinking anything and everything out of my mugs. Except nesquik, because I like eating that dry out of the can.

I like completely disregarding the useby dates on things. Not last nights eggs - they were from the chooks next door, and had feathers on them instead of a date, but my can of banana nesquik. Expired 3 months ago but it still tastes fine.

I love the little box that plays the movies on my harddrive through the telly.

I love White Collar marathons. Less than 27 days till season 3 starts!

I like considering spending the night on the couch.

I like that I know my bed will be better.


  1. I have spent most of the last week falling asleep on the couch and staying there all night.

    Be careful with that WD40...that shit is lethal.

    Im also guilty of eating nesquick out of the can too. I hope my daughter doesnt read this because I deny that I do it.

    Those eggs are sneaky ....

  2. I think I commented when you first posted .. hope you're feeling better. I like that you enjoy living dangerously .. eating food after the useby date has passed .. be careful!