Monday, May 2, 2011

Silly mug...

I have spent most of the day looking for/thinking up/drawing/neatening up and ordering rude mugs online. Lots and lots of your mum/your sister/sex/alcohol/cow tipping jokes, and this too, just casue I thought it was funny.

Tonight... well, I figured once I'd filled my bobbins I'd done enough. That is a regular hurdle I struggle to overcome, so the fact that it's done should prevent me from procrastinating quite so much tomorrow.

And while designing a mug that tells everyone their sister likes rooting in the back of a ute may not be high art, it is, if you're really accepting, still creating.

I hope that the person working at Vistaprint who packs my mugs to send them off to me has a bit of a laugh. If they don't I'm sure my bogan friends will. Especially the ones who have actually shagged my sisters.


  1. Y'know there's a sewing machine out there somewhere that automatically fills bobbins .. I had a friend who had one. I thought that was really cool.

  2. Yes I do believe the ute mugs still fulfil the creating criteria. I love the Ninja mug. Very cute.