Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Retro Star Quilt

A year ago today I started my first quilt. Before that, the closest I had come was a quilted laptop sleeve, about 30cm wide by 50cm around. But I did dressmaking, and I liked sewing bags. I was a sewer, but not a quilter.

A short while after I started quilting I decided that instead of spending all my time reading other people's blogs, I'd get my own. This is my 400th post, and since it's been less than a year, that means more than one post a day, and that's probably more than was really necessary. But oh well, my typing has gotten much better over the last 400 posts.

The design for what came to be known as the retro star quilt first showed up about 391 posts ago. It's completely different to what is shown, but since I draw stuff in mspaint and then make it up from there, that's not surprising.

The fabrics were 30s reproduction prints I bought from lincraft in bundles of eight. Usually there's only one or two nice prints per bundle, but when you used to work there and your Aunt's the manager, you can get away with (if you promise to do it neatly) rearranging the bundles so it's all nice stuff. And while it features eight fabrics and they come in bundles of eight, this doesn't mean I only bought one bundle. I'd have bought at least 20 over the last year, if not more. Fabrics were added, removed, swapped, compared, put back in, umm'd and ahh'd over. A white was bought for the background, and then an off-white, because I wanted it to look like it was 30 years old before I'd finished it.

I'm a bit ashamed to say it but this is probably the most undervalued of the quilts I use day to day. It's on my bed, on the side I don't sleep under, and although it was only made a month or so before the other bed quilt, because I wanted it to come off the machine looking old, it does. I feel like it's been around forever. It's just there, in much the same way that your Mum is, but unlike Mum, there isn't really a day to recognise how much an old (well, 10 month old) quilt means to you.

When I first started quilting, a lot of what I made was squares, quilted in the ditch. This design though, had clever angles that made shapes, and negative space, and a quilting line that followed the interesting shapes around and around. It was so different to a lot of the other stuff that I had that it was easy to forget that it was mine.

Nonetheless, I'm very proud of it. I've just made it again in different fabrics, and ended up with something totally different. I'll probably make it again. Why wouldn't I? It's nice.

For other nice quilts, with nice stories, or to tell a nice story about your nice quilt, the Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival* is still going.

*Damn weird name for it really, what with it being Autumn and all....


  1. Sweet quilt! I love the fabrics and the half blocks at the ends. Very cool :)

  2. Great quilt. I think you can officially say you are a quilter now! :) Stopping by from BQF

  3. I love the antiqued look of this quilt Sara . I think it goes so well with 30's repro's.

    Congratulations on 400 posts and on your quiltaversary. I've enjoyed watching you make quilts for much of this year . You're one of my inspirations and write a damn funny more than daily post!

  4. Hi Sara, I think its fab. Very retro :)

  5. This is a very pretty quilt. Love the colors you chose. Nice job!

  6. Love the positive and negative effect.