Friday, May 6, 2011

My parents are off on holiday.

Okay, I've checked facebook and the blog roll, now to get into sewing. Quilt the Autumn Nutmeg some more or work on Anna's flopchair?

12.10am (facebook status): 
I think whoever wrote "the devil went down to Georgia" did so purely to piss off people in cover bands.

Crap. I wasted all my sewing motivation making a cover for a friends flop chair. Now I feel like getting drunk, but that's meant to be my plan for Saturday. How long do I have to wait till the urge to drink passes and the urge to sew returns? I can't give up and go to bed now. It's not even 1am. I could do some ironing I suppose. Though that's not high on my fun list, it does need doing.

The great thing about strawberries and cream is that after you've dunked all your strawberries in the cream and eaten them, you then get to eat half a bowl of cream!

...ergh... note to self: don't eat bowls of cream.

That ironing didn't take as long as I thought it would. But now I have to clear the mess left by making the flop chair so I can lay out my blocks. That sucks.

Yep, I like that layout. It's a shame I couldn't have decided that a fortnight ago, because now instead of my increasing squares method of joining my blocks together, I have to sew it together row by row.

Impartially, yes, it seems quicker. But it's also harder, less accurate and needs way more pins. I suppose people need to do something quick to make up the time they've lost trimming all their blocks. Oh well, very patterned fabric, you can barely see my messy points.

Please someone save me from myself... I'm grooving to Redneck Woman. I don't even like this song, so I keep telling myself. Can someone remind me of that please? It's possible that blasting music in the wee small hours isn't the best idea.

What should I make next?

Hey, deepfryers's still out on the bench. Homemade chips it is.

3.10am (facebook post): 
The main problem with my parents going away on holiday I think is that it gives me free reign to stay awake all night playing bad music at inappropriate (for 3am) volumes. And then random puts on Gretchen Wilson, and I start grooving to Redneck Woman, even though I find that song quite irritating. Still, as Garth Brooks is telling me right now, I ain't going down till the sun comes up.

Deep fryer is taking too long. I even had to peel the potatoes Bear Grylls style because the actual peeler is in the sink, and it's still not even halfway hot.

Chips are in the deep fryer. Coke in fridge is probably flat - should I crack open one of Casey's Bundy Reds?

Chips are ready. Deep fryer has apparently raised the temperature in the kitchen by .1°C. Have decided to go with Jamesons instead - I'm thinking of it as getting myself warmed up for the weekend. Might also actually warm me up - temp is still only 17.6°C in here.

Is it hypocritical of me to like the song Dirt Track Cowboys while hating the Speedway?

I've had one drink and I'm bored. Also, I normally only have one drink per meal. Drinking with food doesn't seem like a very effective method.
Do you think Casey will get cross if I leave my quilt hanging in the window? She left lots of dishes in the sink...

Anna's chair cover on the bitchin' chair. Upholstery fabric left flecks of blue fluff everywhere.

Curtain shot. It's staying there for tonight, I think.
Geoscience Australia website tells me sunrise is not till 6.52am. It would seem that Garth Brooks is a liar... I was thinking it would be about 5.30ish. Guess that shows how often I'm up in the early mornings - I don't think I'll be staying up for this one either.

Just so you know, I did really do this blog post in real time, or within 15 minutes or so. I selected 50 songs or so and had them on random all night. Mum and Dad have left with Maddy for two weeks, and Casey's sleeping up their end of the house because it makes the dog feel better, so I can be as loud as I want, and noone will come and tell me to go to bed. And now that the top of Quilt # 49 is done, I've only got 1.5 other quilts to quilt and bind plus 3 more to bind, and it's onto #50. It's also 11 days till my one year of quilting anniversary, or 3 weeks till the anniversary of me having completed a quilt. Do you think I can get my scheduled WiPs and #50 done before then?*

Publish Post.

*I don't, but then, I thought it was at least a month ago that I was trying to sort the layout for the mingle stars quilt, and it was actually only half that. I need to go and pick up my layby'd batting tomorrow too.

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  1. Loved this "24 "style post. I think it's funny that even though we practically live in the same place I'm actually getting up as you're going to gives me something to read when I get up!

    Chips at 3 am ? Really? Where do you put all this crap you eat? I just look at a chip and gain a kilo!

    Anna's bitchin' chair completely rocks. It was worth staying up half the night blasting music to get it finished.