Monday, May 16, 2011

My lightbulb moment.

Tonight,  had a lightbulb moment. And while everyone else gets good, inspirational or creative lightbulb moments, I got a lightbulb that blew up in my face as I was trying to take it out.

And this was after the power had been out for 3 hours in the evening, which seriously gets in the way of any sewing that needed doing on the machine, so I took it as a sign, and took the night off.

Stuff like this always happens when Mum and Dad go away. It used to be that the gas bottle would be empty the day after they left which is more a hassle than something scary, actually it just means I deep fry everything instead of oven baking it. But a light has blown up before while everyone's been away: that time it was in the kitchen, I flicked the switch and it fully exploded with glass blowing everywhere, so I ran away to my boyfriends till people came home, convinced that the house was possessed. This time fortunately it was only a teeny bit of corroded metal that showered over me, which is especially better since I was holding onto it at the time, as opposed to flicking a switch across the room. It had blown out about a minute before when I went into the bathroom for a shower, I'd taken off the big cover and gone to take it out (I had the passage light on, which streams in fairly well) and "pfft" followed by darkness and a spray of stuff from over my head. Not fun, but at least all the torches were out from the power outage earlier. Casey pulled the base of the bulb out of the hole for me with a pair of pliers and we put a new one in.

My lightglobe blew (in a much more polite manner) last week, blogger went down, the power went out, half of Mt Gambier lost mobile phone coverage, and then this. All those in favour of my parents never going away again, please say aye.


But just because I've taken the night off doesn't mean I only have a broken lightglobe to show off. Yesterdays efforts, which I did too much off, leaving me with no energy to get my camera with it's photos for the last post, are (obviously, considering the last statement,) yet to be shown.

I didn't talk about it but once I'd cut all my bits I decided I'd sew the offcuts into some pinwheels, because I hadn't actually done anything with halfsquare triangles before. While there is plenty of information on the internet about how big a square needs to be in inches, there's not much with regards to metric, and since I couldn't do the math, I couldn't do a full project, and I wasn't really willing to sacrifice time and fabric to a curiosity. But I had a big pile of 8cm triangles in one fabric, and two small piles of various scraps that could be cut into 8cm triangles, so I decided to go for it.

Pinwheels have been moved from the "untried" list to the "easy" list. But that list is only to do with making them, when it comes to using them, I can't really think of that much, especially not in this configuration. I'll probably make one more green one and then nine-patch them together with some sashing for a cushion. Actually, that's a lie. They'll probably go into my little pile of "blocks that never got used"

If I had actually thought about it instead of just getting into it, I could have better paired up my triangles so the ones with more pink leaves went with the green and vice-versa. But oh well.

And them having kicked some pinwheel butt, I got into the big one. My math, freshly done with some diagrams on graph paper to boot, worked perfectly. My fabric selection, done on impulse almost a year ago, not so much.

Of course, it's still all in pieces there. The problem I think is that the leaves, meant to be the background fabric, are popping forward when it's meant to be the rings that do that. I picked those fabrics because the print meant that any wonky points would be less noticeable, but in a sea of perfect points, you can't see the design.

Well, you can see a design. Sometimes I see the rings, sometimes I see a 5 strand plait with some beads and sometimes I'm seeing roundabouts. I just tilted my head and saw barbed wires.

If I do it again, I'm gunna make the rings narrower, or more likely, make the background bits bigger.

I might also get brave, and do it in solids. Well, at least the background.

Two more quick things, I decided to get the stuff anyway, but if they don't refund my $2.24 there'll be hell to pay. And I'm gunna do my 400th post as my blogger's quilt festival post, because it all comes together so nicely.

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  1. I was waiting for an ephiphany of epic proportions!AndIm saying "Aye" on your behalf.

    I like the pinwheels.One of the things I like about them is that they're in a highly patterned fabric.

    Oh and not every quilt you make is going to be a's all a learning process. I think I need more coffee...Im feeling incoherent.