Wednesday, May 4, 2011


After the fun, excitement and eventual progress of last night, today could be considered a bit of a disappointment.

Despite plenty of laughs, we couldn't find Anna a swag in the Mount for under $150, let alone a pink one.

It turns out the rotary blades I bought weren't Olfa ones, but "for" Olfa. Rookie mistake, one I shouldn't be making after 5 years on eBay.

Work was very very slow. And nowhere near as much fun as last night.

I forgot I had a half punnet of strawberries left in the work fridge.

My bank balance got topped up, but then immediately emptied as I paid for all the stuff I've bought online this weekend.

I couldn't think up a mug for Meagan's boyfriend Clayton (He's a trucker... any ideas would be appreciated)

I haven't done any sewing.

My tummy is making funny noises.

Despite eating half a pack of mint dark chocolate sticks, I am hungry.

But, on the flipside, my boots are paid for and making their way to me, my mugs are paid for and getting printed up, my previous order of mugs has been finalised and they're being sent to me, and it's Tuesday night, which means it's no longer Monday in the US and all their Monday night TV shows (Castle and Chuck are the only important ones) are on the internet for me.

So I guess I'll get myself something to eat and watch them.


  1. never watched chuck, but I do like Castle. last night's was a little convoluted, but I had had a couple of drinks and that might have affected my comprehension.

    Hope the "for" olfa still work .. I'll have to watch out for that when I order things on line.

  2. Are Olfa blades significantly better than any other brand? I use Birch and find they're fine (but I havent tried any other brands so it's kind of hard to do a comparison) Basically I'm too mean to pay for an Olfa unless it's s sure thing.

    Your tummy is making weird noises because you ate half a pack of mint sticks. Let's hope it didnt keep you awake all night...