Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's very difficult to take a photo of a frige with a shiny surface, did you know that? I should have just taken some photos of a couple sitting on my cutting mat, but I'm a really big fan of context, so bad fridge photos it is!

Ignoring the calendar, and Maddy's plasticine figures, some photos, a couple of drawings and some whiteboard markers, and down the bottom you have my last two night's worth of work. And I'm not even done yet - there's another 10 small ones still to do. The big ones are about half a metre, roughly 20 inches, long.

For those of you who are from overseas, those cows are actually the RM Williams logo, RM Williams being an Australian clothing and boot brand that is EVERYWHERE. Yes, All Caps everywhere. Locally, I would say you see this longhorn on the back of maybe one in ten cars. Of the six cars/utes in our family, five have a longhorn on the back. I only have RM jeans, a vest and a jumper, because they're quite pricey*, but I know people whose entire wardrobe consists purely of RM Williams stuff. And thanks to vistaprint, and the temporary sacrifice of the use of a fingertip (razorblades can hurt you even when they don't cut you - the pressure of pushing down on it for about 3 hours last night has left my fingertip bruised and raw) I have a fridge covered in them.

The other little square magnets say "I think your tractor's sexy" and "Save a horse, ride a Lawnmower" but they came pre-cut, and the others are all "rootin' in the back of the ute" ones - the three people who like this, facebook style, are apparently you, your sister and your mum. And hooray for quilting - I cut those with an old blade on my rotary cutter.

And now I have decided, and I'm sure this will end in abject failure, but I'm gunna try anyway, to go to bed. At 1am.

Wish me luck. I could be about to waste 3 useful hours of my life.

*admittedly, my jeans were $6 at the salvos and my vest was $20 on ebay. I bought the jumper new, but it's kids sized so it was half the price.


  1. okay, so what are you going to do with all the longhorns now that you have them cut out so nicely. They do look lovely on the fridge.

  2. I think your kitchen is the same colour mine was before we endured the never ending reno! (Yes I know I should be commenting on the magnets first but I got distracted)

    That's a huge amount of longhorns. No wonder your finger is sore!