Friday, May 20, 2011


Today, my favourite thing is procrastinating. If there was a world championships for it, I'd probably enter - next year. Or maybe the year after that. I suspect they would accept late submissions, so that should help.

I'm writing this now instead of having some lunch before I head off to work. That's how I roll. Or it would be, except I just really don't feel like rolling right now, so maybe later.

I've had a brilliant FTF post in my head for over a month now. I should write it up, but, well, it's kinda long. So that will keep getting put off till one day, when, maybe, I can be bothered.

But it's not all bad. Lots of my quilts have been made as an alternative to cooking myself some food, going to bed, or even binding another quilt.

So I love procrastinating. I was gunna write a big ode to it, but that'll have to be put off for another day. I also love saying "yeah, that'll do."


  1. I'll leave a comment later ..

  2. Me too! Especially when it comes to writing up instructions for my patterns. I good give you a run for your money then!

  3. Procrastinating is definitely a time consuming past time, but I get lost of other stuff done.
    Glad that I got that bit right.

  4. I'm pretty good at that too, usually it is housework I avoid and it shows

  5. I'm better it than I'd like to be. Maybe that's the wrong attitude, embracing it might be a better idea. I think about that later.

  6. I'm pretty good at procrastinating myself. In fact, I'm doing it right now, ha. At least you've got something to show for your procrastination in the form of quilts!

  7. I actually thought of doing this one today!

    I have several mottos: they include

    1. Why do something today when you can put it off until tomorrow?
    2. That's good enough.

    glad to hear I'm not the only one!
    Hope you have a good weekend -

  8. I read this post yesterday but procrastinated until this morning to comment as a homage to the topic.

    I procrastinate all the time...over everything. If we procrastinated over procrastinating would that mean we would all be eternally busy?

  9. Alright, today I'm in a "get the shit done" mood so I can't even leave a funny procrasinating comment. All I can say is, I see nothing wrong with it. :)

    An amusing post, thanks!

  10. I will join in on everyone else's comments and say, I love procrastinating. I think it gets easier to do when you get older. When I was young, I wanted to do it all and do it now. Now I am lucky to do much of anything!

  11. I don't like procrastinating, but I do it, constantly. Although I do love Kirsten's motto of - Why do something when you can put it off until tomorrow?
    I'm very pleased to hear that I'm not the only one who procrastinates.