Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's so fluffy...

Tonight, I'd like to tell you all how glad I am that my internet is back after a quite nasty 18 hours, and how glad I also am that we live in the present, and not the prehistoric ages, because fur is really really hard to sew.

Obviously, people do still sew fur - my coat, although almost certainly vintage, isn't quite from the prehistoric ages. It came from the Salvos so I've no idea how old it is or even what died to make it, but it seemed pretty sturdy, at least till a largeish bloke decided he wanted to wear it and tore quite a large hole along one of the back seams which I hadn't gotten around to sewing back up. But with the weather being shit I kinda needed it fixed for Saturday night, and since it's all lined it had to be sewn from the outside and with an inch of fur... Well, lets just say it's not my best work, and all be thankful for nice even cotton and sewing machines.

1 comment:

  1. In amongst all that fluffiness nobody is going to notice if you sewing is slightly uneven. Ive never sewed with fur (havent even had the cutzpah to try sewing with stretch fabrics-I know my limitations )

    What's going on with your internet?