Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Baaack...

Blogger! You're Back! I Missed You!

Now I'd appreciate it if you never did that to me again. If facebook pulled a stunt like you just did there would be rioting in the streets.

Anyway, forgive and forget, and all that.

Tonight I worked late, so all the stuff I was gunna get done, isn't. No bindings have been touched*, no dishes or hair washed, no floors swept and no jeans put in the dryer.

I did light the fire again though, with more WD40, cause I forgot to buy firelighters.

And all that (not) done, I put some Joe Nichols into the little box that talks to the TV, and I've spent the night listening to country songs I've never heard before but to which I somehow know most of the words. It could be that the lyrics are a bit predictable, or it could be that I have some kind of otherworldy, magical connection to this music. I've also made a start on quilt #50.

My math was all wrong. Well, not all of it. I got the number 24 (the measurement of the big octagon in the centre of each ring) right**, so that's good, but pretty much all my other numbers were too big. Still, that's better than too small, and the maths is a year old, so I suppose it was due for some polish.

Yesterday I was a bit despondent because I couldn't find the second piece of Falling Leaves that I needed and the only place I could find any was, so I ordered 4 of the 10 yards they allegedly had left. Today I found the other bit, and I thought, hey, it's cool, the other stuff will back it and bind it. But still, it was 35 bucks I could have spent on something else, and then tonight I got an email from them saying they only had 3.5 yards left, and it was in three bits.

So I had to quickly make sure my math was all right, or at least make sure I had enough fabric. It seems like I do, assuming I don't fuck anything up from this point on, so do I tell them to cancel the order or do I just accept what they're offering? 1.5 yards are still fairly big pieces, but still. The email says if I don't reply in 24 hours, they'll send it as it is, which is awfully presumptuous of them.

Dunno. also sent me an email, because as well I ordered a heap from them - A couple of binding options for the mingle star quilt and some cute cowboy prints and 15 different shades of blues and greens because I wanna make something like this. Their email said they were out of Kona Cornflower, which I'm totally cool with, since, um, I didn't order any. So yay for that.

And now I have two much anticipated days off. So an even bigger yay for that.

*actually, it got picked up off the cutting mat and moved out of the way, but I don't think that counts.
**though if you go back and look at the picture it says 25, but I realised a month or so ago that that was wrong.


  1. I felt very disconnected with blogger being down .. what would we ever do if it happened permanently. and definitely rioting in the streets worldwide if facebook did that. Wonder what happened? were they hacked do you think?

    I would definitely count picking the binding up and moving it as touching it :). but I'm for counting everything. I think you should cancel the order, especially because they were so presumptuous, unless they offered a discount, which they should for your inconvenience.

    Glad you're back!

  2. How many joins will you have to use on the three bits of fabric to get it to do what you want to do? That would be my yardstick about whether I went ahead with it or not. Maybe ask them for a discount if you decide to go ahead with the purchase ?

    Looks like wwe're both rocking the solids soon...I love the quilt pattern you're thinking of using too! (OMG at the price of that quilt !-Seriously ?)