Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm really good at thiis...

In honour of my easrlier post, tonight I have done next to nothing* - no sewing, or sorting of stuff for a BnS ball, no organising of my room or cutting more bits for my quilt in progress. I have done the putting the downloaded videos from the lappy to the harddrive thing, but not my proper backup of the lappy that I should do more often thing. I've also watched two episodes of The Big Bang Theory and three of Bones, and feel good about how I'm all caught up. And sad about the fact that Castle, Chuck, Bones, and Big Bang are all on season break now. And it's still two and a half weeks till White Collar comes back, and Top Gear's not till "sometime in June" and Psych isn't until "the fall", which is of course the American fall, ours being practically passed over in favour of winter already anyway. And the schedules for Mythbusters and Time Team are, frankly, too erratic for me to depend upon.

Put simply, for two weeks my world is in turmoil while I have no must-get TV. I'm getting all of The Mentalist even though I found Simon Baker a bit whingey and pathetic, and The Closer even though watching it gave me a terrible southern-American accent.

Does that happen to other people? You watch or listen to something too much and you start to act and talk and worst of all think like whatever it is that's obviously in your brain at the time.

You should have seen me the time I decided to sit down and watch the first 3 seasons of Girls of the Playboy Mansion in one weekend. Never before has the word like crossed my lips so many times.

Anyway. Because I was watching Bones and Big Bang I magically absorbed smartness** and concluded that although it seemed like I was eating massive amounts of cheese, it was probably only a fifth of a 250g block, or slightly over 1/1000th of my body weight. This didn't seem like enough, so I had some chicken too.

And now that I've read a few hundred comments on the ABC website's article on the rapture (five bucks says the end of the world gets procrastinated on too) I'm thinking I might go to bed***

*Everything's a thing, if you know what I mean, you can't do nothin' cause there's no such thing, some things are big some things are small, some mean a lot some nothin' at all - Joe Nichols
**Thankfully, although both shows featured lead female characters sleeping with someone they had previously only considered a friend, this hasn't yet, and hopefully, nor will it, occur.
***Actually, I'll probably click on some random facebook links, maybe poke around them more obscure articles on the BBC website and then spend at least 20 minutes on ebay wishing I was a millionare.


  1. yet again you have lost me .. I think my old brain can't think like a 20 year old... Guess it's tomorrow already and the world is still here. Have a great weekend!

  2. I've just been sitting here and realised according to the whackjob preacher I should be dead because 6 am has come and gone. Then I realised that's because Im one of those people who's going to be subjected to hell on earth until October 21st. Oh well..I can probably finish a few quilts between now and then.

    Sorry to hear you're going to spend two weeks with nothing new to watch ...time to hire some DVD's or turn your attention to downloaded movies?