Friday, May 20, 2011

I think...

I quilt too much. I quilt like I shop. Impulsively, and with little thought regarding what I will do with them one I have them.

So I've finished over 40 quilts now. Taking out of that count the four at Helen's, two at Kelsey's, one of Maddy's, four on my bed, one on my wall and one in my swag, and one that's been sold to the lady from Flannies that she still hasn't picked up yet, and thats still 26 quilts that have no home or designated use. And I've started another one. Because clearly, I need another one. It's blue and green solids with a few spotty fabrics in there too. A boy quilt, for if should I find myself "needing" one.

Unfortunately, although there was allegedly some sunshine this morning, I slept through it so no pretty on-the-grass photos from me. I have some flat out on the kitchen floor photos though.

The last one had a solid back - the advantage of a quilt less than 110cm wide. I really love the backs done with the big random squares though. The blue one especially. It's fun piecing stuff randomly and hoping for the best, and it's even better when it works out.

My big problem now is that lately I have been getting around to the fabrics I had assigned to projects for myself. It's fine when it's only a technical experiment or a casual urge to work with some certain fabrics but Autumn Nutmeg was for me, the Mingle Star quilt, once the bindings get here, is for me, and I'm starting to worry that eventually I will end up as a terrible inverted version of princess and the pea, except instead of sleeping on a dozen mattresses I will be crushed under the weight of hundreds of quilts. And then you'll all have to hack my blogger account, and I haven't even written up a will regarding my stash yet.

I should have a think about doing that. And updating my completed quilts list. And cleaning my room, charging my camera(s - I bought a hot pink 10MP Fujifilm one today for $60), mending some clothes and backing up my computer.

There, all thought about. Not done, obviously, but I've thought about doing them, and decided to go to bed instead. I'm good at making decisions like that.


  1. First of all, there is no such thing as quilting too much. Watching too much TV, yes. Playing stupid (or not-so-stupid) computer games too much, yes. Eating too much, yes. But not quilting.

    Second, I love love love your quilts. I love that the backs are as beautiful as the fronts.

  2. I really like that last one ...there's something about it that keeps drawing me back. I think it's the stone look fabrics.

    I think we quilters make quilts , keep them in case we ever need them and eventually when we pass away as 90 year old ladies we become known as "that crazy quilt lady"who had 2680 quilts in her house. I actually worked out the maths ot come up with a predicted number of quilts for you should you live to be the aforementioned 90 year old lady...

    Think of it this way you're set for when your friends all start having babies. Instant gifts.