Saturday, May 28, 2011

I have arrived!

We were stuck at the gate for an hour and a half because there was a rally in the way but we're in the ball. The rain only lasted an hour or so, while we were waiting, so I've decided that was the plan all along - that we couldn't get here till the rain stopped. It's still damp and my all leather boots aren't particularly waterproof :( But they look damn good, so we'll forgive them.

It's still 3 hours till the ball proper (and there could be masses of people on the other side of the rally) but there isn't as many people here as I was expecting. Tickets were capped at 600 and they were suggesting that people prepay so some of the people we're with think that not many people will show up to pay at the gate.

Hopefully I'll have a heap of interesting photos to show you all in a couple of days, there will probably just be a lot of the same faces.


  1. So as I read this my first thought was "By now she's either feeling really really bad or having the time of her life".

    Hope recovery is as good as IIm hoping last night was for you. Cant wait to see photos.

  2. Doya think you could sneak me into oneeeee? Farmer wants a wife rejected me :(