Sunday, May 29, 2011


I'm home.

I'd forgotten how much I loved my toilet. Sooo much better than a portapotty.

I may love my skinny jeans but after a weekend of looking bitchin in them and my boots, I'm loving wearing trackies right now.

I'm loving the decision we made to not unpack the car. Not that half the stuff is home anyway - the boys we met up there managed to blow up the engine in their ute so we had to bring them home, leaving our swags, half my clothes and two of the eskies up there with the ute. They orgainsed another ute and a car trailer and are already on their way back up there to tow it home, but we are quite happy here in showered and in bed.

It was a good weekend. After the little bit of rain while we waited to get in, it cleared right up. We were at the top of a hill and had an amazing view of the lights of Adelaide a long way away. There was a boy called Lushy, a great many Cruisers, dancing till my feet hurt (even though I was in my comfy boots) and my hands are still blue. Fingernails - the dye gets stuck in the cuticles. But I don't know why I always end up blue. There's so many other pretty colours.


  1. Ahhhh yes I'd forgotten the horror of shared toilets and very uncomfy sleeping places.

    You survived though and by all accounts had a fantastic bogan time!

  2. Always nice to be back in your own bed and have your own toilet to use .. reminds me of camping. Love it but makes me really appreciate home.

    sounds like you had a great time!