Thursday, May 5, 2011


It's 4am, but I'm not tired. I am cold though, and going to bed would solve that problem (hooray for electric blankets!) but then instead of sitting up doing stuff on the computer I'd be laying in bed doing stuff on the computer, and that's way less efficient, and usually ends with me trawling silly websites that have lists of the 50 biggest photoshop fails or movie characters you wont believe were inspired by real people.

I doubt I would fall asleep though, even though that's what I should be doing. The 'rents are off on their cruise tomorrow, and I should be in bed ready to wake up at a reasonable hour (mum has requested 10am, and given the fact that they usually leave at 5am, this does seem quite reasonable*) but Mum asked me to get Maddy some movies to take (yeah, the 8 year old gets to go. It's not fair.) so I've been doing that, as well as watching the episode of Chuck I didn't get around to last night and doing the mug for Meagan's boyf (the trucker, who's getting one with a picture of his truck and the words "she thinks my Kenworth's sexy (it really turns her on)"

Again, bogan humour. The actual song is she thinks my tractor's sexy, and we've already ordered some of those too. All I have to say is that it's a good thing that Vistaprint ends it's specials and then puts everything on sale in a different configuration a day later. This mug will cost about $10, but then, I'm only getting one. I earned my bulk discounts last time, getting approximately twenty.

One website that doesn't seem to understand bulk discounts is which insists it can only fit four yards in a flat rate envelope, and that if I want five, postage will be $48. Hint hint to any Americans - you'd do well to set up a parcel forwarding company solely dealing with foreigners who think that that's a rip off, ie: all of us.

The strange thing is though, the fabric I'm looking at, at $4.50 a yard, still comes out to half the price of buying it locally, even with a maximum four yard limit and a $16 postage slug. Economics is a weird, wonderful little thing, until it incites this kind of indecision. Yes I want it, yes I technically have a project lined up and yes, the price is good, but that's an awful waste of space in a prepaid satchel. And as a pretty much scrap-less quilter, I'm not one for waste. Especially with Rego being due next week and acting like a big black hole in my pay check.

I just have to keep telling myself no. And hope I get a good package of something-or-the-other in the mail tomorrow to distract me.

*though on the other hand, it would be easier to just stay up another hour and see them off. That said, dad still isn't home from wherever he went out drinking tonight, so I have my suspicions that I'll be leaving for work in the afternoon right about when they're leaving for Geelong.


  1. So do you get the house to yourself? what kind of rowdiness do you have planned?

    Hope your distractions come soon ..

  2. I really begrudge paying a lot of money for postage and like you I need 2.5 yards of something at the moment from fabric shack and keep thinking I should get an extra 5 yards of something popped in to "save" on postage.

    So when's the big party?