Sunday, May 1, 2011


I'm glad that I was able to get all my insecurities about quilting out last night. Usually they pass very quickly... I am easily distracted, by such thoughts as "who decided that tissues come concertina style from a box, whereas toilet paper comes from a roll?" and then... sorry got distracted... and then I forget about them and move on. It was only because I was actually sitting there, quilting, that I had too much time to think on it and it started to properly get to me. But it's out now, and that's jolly good. And I did get my quilting finished, and tonight, I decided to think the opposite. Having quilted two last night, tonight I ate chocolate muffins and watched mythbusters and browsed on eBay for boots.

It would seem the mere thought of having to fill bobbins is enough to put me off of quilting for the evening. Well, that and the lure of vintage cowboy boots. There's a couple of really really nice pairs ending in the next few hours and I'm trying to decide between staying up and ninja bidding right at the end or just popping in a random number and hoping for the best. I'd probably either not win any of them, and miss out, or accidentally win them all, and have no money left.


  1. Well I hope you made a decision about the boots and didnt end up with multiple pairs. Im a lazy so and so -I snipe automatically at the last minute.

    Glad you did a 180 on the quilting thing. Overthinking sometimes does my head in too! Filling bobbins is a legitimate excuse not to quilt /sew . I use it all the time.

  2. So how many pair of boots did you end up with? Glad you're over the quilting insecurities .. and had a good night surfing and pondering and watching mythbusters.