Monday, May 16, 2011


Sometimes I look at even a partly done quilt lying on the floor, and I have a little think about the evolution of my quilts; where maybe I've taken aspects of that design from and what aspects have evolved into other things in other quilts, and it makes me want to go out and get all my other quilts out of their tub in the new shed and maybe see how many of them I can use all at once, which would work well tonight because it's damn cold.

Tonight I did the in the ditch quilting for the Autumn Nutmeg quilt. I'd been putting it off because it's been nearly a year now since I did any sewing in the ditch - echoing is so much easier because it doesn't need to be anywhere near as precise. It was only 6 lines but I grumbled to myself the whole time. I'm glad I managed to pick a thread that went fairly well with all the fabrics - it'll look fine after a wash.

It's also nearly a year since I started quilting - I only in the ditched my first two before switching to the wave stitch and then echoing. And I'm coming up to post #400 - without any actual planning, if I stick to a post a day they'll coincidentally coincide.

Wow. A whole year of getting big bits of fabric, chopping them into little bits and sewing them back together into a big bit again. Where has the year gone?


  1. I can't believe you have only been quilting a year -- your work is amazing.

    Just to let you know how much I don't know, what are the wave stitch and echoing?

  2. Im with you on the cold thing. I was only telling someone yesterday how cold it actually gets in your part of the country. It's not real flash here either. The heating is on a lot when Im home.

    And you've knocked out how many quilts in a year Little Miss Over Achiever? You make me feel slack ...

    I did some great in the ditch last week .I was pretty proud of myself because it is harder than it looks.

  3. You need to learn free motion quilting then you don't have to worry about in the ditch stuff. Don't like the cold either. Had Heater serviced yesterday so it will be well and truly on from now until a bit of sunshine comes round again.