Saturday, May 7, 2011

Aussie music.

Americans may have it good with their free postage from and... actually, I forget other things. I don't live there, so I don't know all the good stuff you guys have. But seriously, Australia is great. We have utes, and we're allowed to drink at 18, and the economy is holding up well, and we've all got a fairly relaxed attitude and there's plenty of kangaroos to eat. Oh, and Aussie music.

It seems to me that we're quite selfish about it. I mean, you even sent us Katy Perry for the Logies, and we know pretty much all of your songs, but apart from INXS doing a reality show, the last real music we sent over there was Savage Garden, and that was over a decade ago now*.

So here's three of my favourite Aussie songs. First up is Flame Trees. It's by a band called Cold Chisel, and they're like gods over here. My sister broke a guy's nose at a Barnsey (that would be their lead singer) concert a few years ago. A lot of people think Khe Sahn is a better song, but they're wrong, because this one contains the line "who needs that sentimental bullshit anyway?"

Next is Salisbury Street, by John Williamson. It's not on youtube, which is a massive shame. But maybe, just maybe, if you click here, it will download the first minute or so for you. It was written about his brother who died of cancer, and it's so, so good. John Williamson also wrote/sings True Blue, and that's really good too, and Bill the Cat, which includes the immortal lyric "we left his balls at the family vet"

Finally, Tenterfield Saddler by Peter Allen. Qantas and then Oprah pretty completely ruined I still call Australia Home for me, but that doesn't matter - I always liked this one better.

It's actually about his grandfather, his father was the "son of George Woolnough" and he's the "grandson of George." Hugh Jackman can almost be forgiven for participating in the Oprah stunt because he played a big part in getting this song back out there again with The Boy From Oz, although the fact that typing in "tenterfield saddler lyrics" brings up a version apparently by him before the one by Peter Allen makes me a bit cross.

And just for good measure, some stuff I like that isn't Aussie music.

I like sleeping half the day away.

I like having a new CD in my car.

I like finding the perfect print to bind a difficult quilt as I walk in the door of the fabric shop**

I like "searching through thrift store jungles" (thanks Sheryl Crow)

I like the fact that my batting is pretty much exactly two quilts wide.

I like the fact that doing my own quilting means I don't have to make my batting bigger than my quilt top. 8 inches extra? Seriously? How about 0 inches? Okay.

I like when the night where I'm feeling quite motivated is also the night I'm not working.

I like having the house to myself.

I like honey crackles.

I like it when Casey does the dishes.

I like it when it turns out I do have enough fabric after all.

I like telling my laptop to tell the TV to play me some music.

I like three day weekends.

I like late night sewing seshes.

I like procrastinating on my binding by cutting another couple of projects, maybe making a backing. Anything but bloody binding.

I like it when a rainbow of colours are in the correct spectral order.

I like it when I'm feeling indecisive about including a fabric and then it turns out there's not enough there, and the decision is made for me.

I like frozen apple juice.

*I just remembered Jet.

**although it was sateen, I bought it anyway because I'm a fearless bastard but then I got home and it nearly made me cry. Like binding isn't bad enough.


  1. Cold Chisel is one of my favourite bands of all time, and Flame Trees is my favourite song. Many a Thursday night was spent at the Settlers Hotel playing this song over and over again and drunkenly singing to it. (That was a few years ago now) I think we should keep our music to ourselves...look what happened to INXS when they left our shores.

    I like honey crackles too! (and trawling through op shops is another one of my favourite things )

    Sateen gives me the utter shits...

  2. Love me some Aussie music, Cold Chisel, and the old INXS.
    I like having the house to myself.
    I love it when anyone else does the dishes!

  3. My apologies for not commenting sooner. I think they've done something to my computer at work (changed access or rights or something) and I wasn't able to comment before.

    I haven't had a chance to listen to your Aussie music but will try and get a chance tomorrow .. everything tomorrow.