Monday, May 9, 2011

Around and Around

I really need to get better at stopping for the night and going to bed. I was doing okay tonight - I trimmed my last quilt a bit after 1.30, and packed stuff up. But while I was doing that I put on some Mythbusters, so since then I've watched two episodes of that as well as another two of The Big Bang Theory. While standing in the kitchen eating celery and philly cheese.

But my lack of accomplishment, even at sleeping, in the last two hours is balanced out by the fact that yesterday and today, I did pretty well. I have attached the binding on one side to two quilts, done a little more quilting on the Autumn Nutmeg quilt (still debating whether to in the ditch the diagonals or not) and made a back for, and quilted, the Mingle Star quilt.

The only additional fabrics from the two original bundles are the two blue fat quarters from the blue, orange and brown colourway. The two purple, two green and two brown (cut into strips) fat quarters are what wasn't used from the bundles on the top, and the little bits are what was cut off the edge of the fat quarters to make them square. So pretty much the only scraps I had are what got trimmed to make everything straight and right-angled.

This quilt is, for me, a tough one to quilt. I usually stick with edge to edge straight lines because they're nice and easy to wrangle, but with this one I go over the seams with the wave stitch, around and around the points of the stars. First I go up and down over the quarter block seams (each point is in a quarter block) and then I go across on the rows where the two blocks join, so that there's pretty much the equivalent of sewing every half block. At that point it doesn't need pins anymore, which is jolly good because you have to turn it soooo much.

I've drawn that as badly as possible so you can get a good idea of my turns. The blue line was sewn first, that's the up and down edge to edge line. Then, starting from the right, I sew down the middle of the block to the bottom of the star, turn and go around the star, and then keep turning and do a square inside the star, before continuing on from the bottom. You just keep going round and around, and I wouldn't want to do it on a quilt any bigger than this one (it's about 130x150cm, approx 50"x60") - each row (there's four for this one) took me about 25 minutes, most of which was probably spent turning the quilt the right way and making sure it fitted under (and around) the machine. But I do love how it looks - the quilting fits the blocks exactly in a way the straight line quilting rarely can. I even like the back, I wasn't sure I would because in the past when I did this quilt I just used a solid which showed up all my quilting. I think it looks like a flag. The flag of Quiltonia.

Now I need to find something to bind it in. I'll probably go a brown, but I've already got 3 half bound quilts that need finishing, so I'm in no rush.

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  1. Mingle Star is one pretty quilt. You're a rockstar because you never let anything like complex quilting phase you too much- you just go for it.

    I was well into sleep by the time you hit your straps with your crafting.