Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have a fabric as my desktop background on my laptop. Have done for longer than I've been a quilter. Does this make me a massive loser? I don't even know what fabric it is. But I bought the rest of the bolt when it went on clearance, and made 2 handbags and a laptop bag out of it, and I like to coordinate.

I really think my earlier idea would be a massive success. Though possibly in this case it might just be easier to look through my selvedges.

Sometimes I worry that actually, I have enough fabric. Unfortunately, this makes me kinda sad and then I go on ebay and etsy and buy more. It's a vicious cycle. Today I bought the missing Central Park I needed to complete my set of ones I wanted, and 5 yards of the Mingle fabrics I didn't yet have, and some Birdie that was cheap, and filled out my postage quota. I'm a sucker. I'm also waiting on a bundle from Fabric Shack, and a bundle from somewhere else too. I can't remember the website, but it's a big box order.

I wish I could sew faster. I wish I could get my ideas onto fabric before they got replaced by the next idea. I wish I didn't put as much effort into my backs as I did my fronts, because I could finish my quilt in half the time, giving me more time to make tops. I wish I could free motion quilt, because indecision with how I'm gunna quilt the basted quilts I've got backed up is the thing that's holding me up the most right now.

I wish I hadn't eaten as many mint dark chocolate sticks tonight as I have, cause now my tummy kinda hurts. I wish I knew where my camera was, but more than that I wish it was sitting beside me, so I could upload the photos of the Autumn Nutmeg top and back.

Guess I'll have to pause the movie and go find it.

Found it. Found some toast too. The mint choc sticks make me want it.

Here, finally, is the top for the Autumn Nutmeg Quilt.

And the back. Basted and rolled up while I decide what colour thread to use, and how to quilt it.

And now, after having a grumble bum, here's some stuff to cheer myself up.

I love the sound of rain.
I love the glow of the toaster in a dark kitchen.
I love watching movies on my tablet in it's funky new stand while I'm on the laptop.
I love electric blankets.
I love nights when my sisters are off at their boyfs and I've got this end of the house to myself, and I don't have to worry about the volume.
I love this new charger that Steven gave me, cause it works.
I love being able to think to myself toward the end of one movie "I want to watch Coyote Ugly next" and being able to download it before the credits of the movie finish.
I love staying up late.
I love the fact that all my half done projects have been half done for ages, and I didn't get halfway through anything tonight.
I love the fact that my biggest worry is that I have to much fabric. Cause that's not a worry at all really.

Shit's still good.

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  1. The autumn nutmeg quilt is beautiful, top and back ... I love your list of I loves.

    Your app sounds like a good thing. I have no idea how one goes about that -- sorry.