Saturday, April 16, 2011


Before I leave for any major drinking/partying/standing in a field type even, I always have a few nasty moments of misgivings. Isn't there better stuff to spend my time on? Don't I have dozens of unfinished projects? Do I realise it's cold outside? Do I realise it's not my house, so I can't sleep in my bed? Shouldn't I just stay at home, in the warm, with a high speed internet connection, and a sewing machine? Because after the second drink, that's no longer an option.*

I know I'm not a particularly social creature. I know I don't like being outside in the cold, and I know I like it even less when I've chosen to do it. I know I pick fights when I'm a bit drunk. I know that if I don't get terrible indigestion then I'll get bored after an hour or two and want to go to bed.


That moment comes after a week or so of looking forward to it. And it tends to get overwhelmed with misgivings I can do something about, such as "Do I have enough drinks, Where is my bitchin chair, Should I take a spare coat, etc?"

I suppose I should go work on those non-metaphorical questions, huh?

See you all tomorrow night! Wish me luck!

*It's about 2km away, this party, but there's a blitz on this weekend and I've seen 6 cars pulled over by the cops in 2 days. I could walk it, I know, but that seems too much like exercise, and that's not something I'm fond of either.


  1. Well I hope you have fun. Us boring old farts are spending Saturday night home as usual....

  2. Ditto and good luck.. oh, it's probably over now, or rather in full swing. Stay safe.