Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stuff I'm liking...

I like sitting quietly and listening to my harddrive whirring as it writes the files I'm downloading.

I like having fourteen million, seven hundred and six thousand, one hundred and twenty five colours on my computer to choose from.

I like the way my keyboard protector mutes the sound of my keystrokes so it sounds relaxing, not jarring, as I type.

I like using the squares of lino on the floor to make sure that I have trimmed my quilt square.

I like laying out my fabrics on the floor and organising them into pretty combinations.

I like having all of my favourite fabrics from the Central Park range, and not having to worry what on earth I'm going to do with the other ones.

I like being one of the few bloggers who isn't excited about that fabric at Joann's, mainly because I don't know who Joann is.

I like the fact that it's Tuesday night, and my pay has gone though.

I like the fact that it's not a car week (car weeks are every second week, when I pay $180 off on my car. I assume every week is a car week, and as a result, one in two Tuesday evenings are spent feeling stoked that it's not a car week)

I like mintchoc icemagic.

I like the fact that when I went through and reread all of these, I thought that mintchoc icemagic was gibberish I'd accidentally typed by resting my hands too hard on the keyboard.

I like defining myself through objects, even though I know it's kinda a bad habit. If it makes you feel any better, the objects I consider to most define me are my two necklaces, once of which is my name and one of which is a version of the RM Williams longhorns, both designed by me.

I like choosing the perfect item from a sea of not quite perfect items, and then telling myself I don't actually need it. I like it even better when this works, and I don't buy it. (But if anyone wants to buy me a $300 pair of boots, I've found then for under half price, and I wouldn't say no)

I like graphs, especially ones about my internet usage, but ones about currency or Mark Webber's performance in the Chinese Grand Prix will suffice.

I like mumbling math workings under my breath. I do it at work too, when I'm processing customer's refunds. I like to think it's helpful in that it lets them understand why I've scanned their items on and off so many times in an attempt to appease the computer, but my coworkers think it's annoying.

I like escaping the lure of the kitchen fireplace, which pretty much says over and over "Come on, sit on the couch. It's nice and warm and relaxing." And then saps away all motivation you may have previously had to get anything done.

I like the bright green colour of the bin liner in our loo.

I like giving up on a novel halfway through because I can see where it's going, and I don't like it.

I like rereading books I've read a million times before. I like rebuying books I used to (and maybe still do, somewhere) own.

I like going into shops occasionally just to see if something is finally on special, and leaving without buying anything if it isn't.

I would like it if some sort of email notification could be set up to alert me when this particular item is on sale. It would save me getting rained on as I got out of my car.

I like living in a town with deregulated trading hours, because it means I can work all through Easter, limiting my days spent camping in the rain with family to one and increasing my hourly rate of pay two and a half times.

I like the fact that I'm going to be on the smokes counter tomorrow night, which doesn't get busier like the rest of the store does.

I like rereading old blog posts, up to and including last night's. It seemed like a rambling mess to me at the time, so thankyou for liking it. Normally I have to resort to interpretive dance to get some of the more complex bits across.

I like being read by people who get what I'm getting at.

I like putting one of my quilts over my head and pretending I'm a blanket blob.


  1. I like that you have a list of likes and it's not even Friday yet. Which means we get to see what you like on Friday too!

  2. When I lived where you live shopping hours were normal - it used to really annoy me! The main street used to pretty much shut down at 1.00pm Saturday and re-open Monday with the exception of the larger stores like Woolies and Coles. Sometimes I'd head over the border because they had 24 hour shopping in one of the towns an hour away.

    That fabric at Joann's that every one is talking about is going to be available at Spotlight next month. But ..apparently we're going to get different colours to the US. Go figure.

    Loved all your likes! It sounds great to be you.