Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still Nothing...

Does math count as something to have gotten done? I did a lot of maths tonight, and then I got distracted by a book.

Still, only one more day to work before a highly anticipated 3-day weekend. Should make actual, in the hand progress then.

I'm also looking forward to the arrival of a replacement stylus for my touch screen (immediately followed by the finding of my old stylus, according to the rules of Murphy's law) so I can make myself my first ever button. I'm thinking something along the lines of "I do my own maths" or "I math my own quilts" or possibly, "I've got a calculator and I'm not afraid to use it"


  1. Math, calculations, whatever counts as something done. You couldn't move to the next step with out it, right? It would benefit me to do that first because I usually jump to the second step and end up having something too big, or too little, or not enough fabric or have no idea where I'm going.

    Looking forward to the button.

  2. If it had anything to do with quilts you get to count it as crafty.

    I've got a long weekend too. Im off today at 12 and dont go back to work until next Wednesday . Yay!

  3. Doing maths really does count, especially the maths that you did. Very impressive.