Friday, April 15, 2011


Couldn't do it. Thought about unrolling it, and laying it out, and shuffling it round, and decided to play with some fabrics instead*.

Another package arrived from today and just so you all know, meringue is pale yellow, not off-white. Snow seems pretty much perfect as a one-shade-off-of white, but the lighting in the house (actually, in the whole of the south east today) is a bit crappy, so more comparing will need to be done. Also, I didn't buy natural or white, so I'm gunna get them and compare.

I now have all but one of the Central Park fabrics I wanted - I've ordered the purple colourway of the big flowers but I had to get them from a different seller, so they haven't arrived yet.

Fabricshack is out of all the colours of the big flower now - just as well really, or I'd have bought another couple of yards of each - they're definitely my favourite.

Instead (like I don't have enough already) I've gone for a variety of kona blues, some greens, the aforementioned white and natural, and 3 yards of black. Even though I haven't quilted the rainbow zigzag one yet, I'm getting a strong urge to do something else with that stack of rainbow goodness, and I want all the fabrics ready. I've sent a polite note asking them to pop a postit on the different colours so I know what they are, but I really do need a colour chart. It seems I fluked the first rainbow, since I'm really not sure about the colour optins for a wonky solid quilt I want to do in three colours.

The photo with the crappiest lighting (because this is the edge of the central park photo above) is the one where the colours are sorta-halfway accurate. The pink is cerise, the green is chartreuse, then there's emerald, lagoon, royal and magenta. I want the chartreuse to be more yellow, the emerald to be more green, and a blue that's directly between the two there. Here's hoping.

The crazy thing is though, if you fill your envelope, it's cheaper than buying the base quality double blocked homespun from Spotlight. Not just cause the dollar's good - it was that way even before we reached parity. And the designer fabrics at $9 and $10 a yard are not only less than half the price you'd pay in a specialist quilt shop here, but still cheaper than the inhouse, dubiously woven $12.95p/m prints at Spotlight. Really the main reason to go there these days is thread and batting.

When I worked there I would see the wholesale prices of fabric (usually between $2 and $4) and get quite depressed that I had to pay five or ten times that. I like this way better.

*it's okay, I have the next 3 days off work to get it done.


  1. Hey rainbow girl, clocks ticking. = )
    nearly another year wiser

  2. I'd like to see pictures of your stash actually.Im fairly sure at this point it rivals mine.

    Im planning to cut the rows for my zig zag quilt this weekend, so it will be interesting to see if mine looks anything like yours. Great minds.

    I get confused everytime I see whites together. Who knew there were so many shades?

  3. There are more shades of white than any other color. Ever try matching bathroom tiles that are white........nightmare for sure! Got any pics of your stash you would love to share with your blogger friends??? I would love to see how jealous I need to be.