Friday, April 22, 2011

So old it feels new...

After so long piecing backings without much pre-planning, and before that mainly piecing quilts by cutting long strips and sewing them together, it was nice to get back into the swing of chain piecing for my third mingle quilt.

This is, sorta, what it's gunna look like. I'll keep shifting the fabrics till I'm happy: I worked my way through dozens of variations already tonight.

I think my problem is that I'm not quite sure which fabric print is the one that most needs the even spread. Instinct tells me that it's the one with the dark brown stripe, surely, but when I'm shuffling them about I'm most concerned with not having the brown circles and the purple and green stripe together, which makes it a bit silly that I put one of them inside the other. Whoops. And then, looking at this picture, it's the dark green that stands out the most, so I'm a bit confused.

And what do I do when I'm confused? CGI rendering of course.

The shading is way off in that, because I just chopped squares out of the above photo and it's always darker at the top of the shot. But I like the more random* seeming one. I'll try it in real life tomorrow. I didn't want to sew my start blocks yet because I wasn't sure which one might end up in half, but I'm 99% sure it will be the ones shown in half there, no matter where all the others are. So that's about 14% sorted then.

In other news, I bought pair #2 of yesterdays boots, and I'm still seriously considering #3 and 4. I think this kinda progress deserves many new shoes, since I paid about that much for these fabrics.

*the pattern is actually almost as regular as the top one, just 180 swiveled instead of duplicated as is, with the center ones swapped so it wasn't touching itself*

*because eww.


  1. I think the two with the dark purple outsides need to be kept away from each other ..

  2. It's funny that we all see something different. I think the Green background with purple stars is the most dominant block. Im sure whatever you ultimately do it'll end up looking terrific.

    Have a great Easter Sara . Im off home in a couple of hours and havent even packed yet.Slack!