Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Silver Linings.

Tonight started well (after I had spent an hour or three on eBay and watching The Queen.) I got around to steam ironing my half-star blocks, and I was thinking about doing a bit of sewing, until I stopped for a minute to put movies onto the tablet. And then I hit that point, you know the one, where you don't know if you can be bothered with sewing. But then you think "...but I really should..."

So you do. And it all turns to shit.

Yesterday I finished for the night after doing a bit of straight line quilting, with a stitch length of 4. So today I started piecing... with a stitch length of 4. After about 6 blocks I noticed and put it down to the 2.75 I usually use, but it's okay, because my sewing at the start was so rubbish I needed to unpick and do-over anyway.

So, silver lining there.

Not enough to keep me going though. I'm blaming Kelsey; her Egg Hunt was lovely, but the whole getting up in "the morning" part of it kinda sucked. There's a reason I work nights.

The reason I work, period? To buy stuff like this, which will probably go higher than I want to pay. I really need to stop deciding I really like fabrics that got released a couple of years ago. Instead, I may end up buying this, or possibly this.

Why the sudden interest in Layer cakes? Well, I can make a crazy, lots of different fabric-d version of my star quilt with a layer cake. And these are my favourites.

I've never used precuts (not including fat quarters, obviously) before. Could be interesting.

For the full ranges: Arcadia, Hello Betty* and Oh My**.

*Shay wants this one. I can tell.
**I'll probably get this one. It's quite nice - a good mix of brightness and funkyness.


  1. well, yay that it was easy to unpick; boo that you had to. There's always tomorrow to sew. I hadn't thought about looking on eBay for fabrics (well not recently). Oh My is really nice .. I bought a layer cake once -- it made coordinating fabrics easy (I am color challenged).

  2. Are you psychic? I do want that one and started searching for it months ago to make th Dresden Quilt. And like you I decided the prices were outrageously high and that I could live without it and got some Aunt Grace scrapbag on sale instead.

    Im really pissed off that I cant find anything online I want to buy at the moment fabric wise because it would actually cost me so little given the great way the AUD$ is trading...I keep looking but no inspiration. Maybe I should go through my stash and buy all the backing I need for my planned future quilts.

    Layer cakes are great of you want to bang up a quilt really fast. I have one in my stash at the moment just waiting to be used.