Saturday, April 23, 2011

My clothes remain very much on... But not for much longer ;)

Last night while I was sewing I came up with a really good post for FTF, but it's okay, I'll change my days quoted from "yesterday" to "last week" and we can pop it forward to next Friday. Unfortunately, that leaves me feeling a wee bit guilty that I don't have any progress to show or any interesting or insightful things to talk about. My major consideration for the day was to do with something called WMWifiRouter, but that's boring even for me, as well as a bit of a disappointment, because I was stretched for time and I took the easy way out and paid for it instead of finding a working keygen. No, don't ask, it's all very very mindnumbing.

And while it's only just gone midnight and I could very well complete my blocks at the very least for the latest mingle quilt, if not the whole quilt top, it's very cold, and I don't feel like it. 

Today I was looking for some plastic egg cases that I bought over two years ago but still haven't gotten around to using. I'm being Maddy's Easter Bunny this year, and since the weather's a bit crappy everything gets it's own little case. I bought some more but these ones that are hiding were larger and I wanted some size variation, unfortunately they will have to wait another easter as I can't find them. What I did find though was a lovely stack of 10cm squares - 20 fabrics of which there is 20 squares of most of them, except that for two of the yellows there's only 10. Possibly that's why it was stashed.

I've since bought another half yard of one of the half-there fabrics, so I can do that one, and the other may just still be at Stitch and Knit. Hopefully, since it means I only need to pay $2 for 10cm, instead of $20 for a yard on etsy, since the only seller I can find doesn't want to post to Australia, and roundabout ways of posting are usually add up to it being just as expensive as buying locally.

So once I fill in my missing 10 squares, doing them in a simple 20x20 diagonal grid is now another one on my list of to-do quilts. I think it's been on the list and off the list and on the list again, which is quite confusing.

Anyway, just cause it's Friday, and apparently a "good" one at that, here's a quick stuff I like.

I like those zippers that have the double pull so you don't have to have it done all the way down to the bottom when you don't want it to be.

I like packet muffin mix.

I like having my very own sniffing nose humans*.

I like hidden caches of chocolate.

I like getting Peppermint Club chocolate, and nibbling the side off of the block and then sucking the peppermint creme out, and not actually eating the rest of the chocolate (which is dark, and a little too rich to eat all of).

I like coming from a family where Easter is an excuse to sit around a fire, have a few drinks and tell rude jokes, and that I don't have to get up early on Sundays (or any day, actually)

I (secretly) like that I thought Mexican night was tonight when it's actually tomorrow, because I'm working tomorrow night and that means I don't have to drink tequila, and thank god for that, since tequila makes your clothes fall off.

*I have no sense of smell and the aforementioned packet mix muffins were just starting to burn when my Mum arrived and told me.

oh, and the ;) in the title is because I'm going to bed now.

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  1. Those are lovely blocks -- okay, lovely is someone else talking, to me they are really pretty, ane they were all cut up and just stting somewhere? amazing. So if Meican night is tomorrow night, what was it tonight? Sorry about not finding the eggs you were looking for, maybe next year.