Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I was feeling good about all this...

Is it weird that I'm simultaneously reading the new issue of Fat Quarterly and the Balls in the Bush forums? On the one hand, pretty pictures and precuts, on the other, drunken debauchery and rootin' in the back of the ute...

I suspect it would be weird for anyone else, but that's okay. I like being the only one with a hand made quilt in my swag.

Tonight, after getting the gunnas out of my system with a couple of hours of vintage boot browsing on eBay, I pieced two points of each star block into pairs, and then, when I couldn't be bothered going out to press the seams, I quilted one sixth of the the straight line quilting on the blue, green and purple there never was a nine-patch quilt.

I like to call them that, well, I think of them as that, but in all of my notes to myself I refer to them as no9 patch quilts because that's easier to type. But at no point while doing any of them (there has been four: Kelsey's, The quilt with no name, Helen's and The blue, green and purple one) did I ever actually make a nine-patch block before chopping it up. I made three-patch chains and chopped them, and then made what were technically six-patch blocks which I chopped up, but never a nine patch.

My ruler was too short at the time to cut it. Sad but true.

What else is sad but true is that 1/6th is only 16.5ish%

My achievements don't seem as satisfying anymore. I was gunna do more, but then I got and email duhdonk, and after that I remembered that I'd got the new issue sent to me, and then something or the other reminded me to check the Balls in the Bush website, and now it's been an hour and I suppose I won't be getting any more sewing done tonight.

Still, it's better than nothing.


  1. Oh no! It can't be Tuesday already ... where has the time gone ..

    fyi, if you do another 1/6th it'll be 32% done!

    I'm wondering about Balls in the Bush but think I should wait until I get home to check that out ..

  2. 1/6th is still better than nothing!

    How much chocolate have you eaten this weekend? Maybe it's affecting your mojo?