Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Plead the Fifth...

Yes, I know it's silly to put up a photo of my epic fail and then say I don't want to talk about it. But I will say that it's all okay now - a combination of my feeling quite good going into doing the binding (see previous post) and that positivity stopping me from shoving the whole damn thing into the fire, and the fact that I appear to have chosen the one fabric on which it is completely impossible to see the seams, even when there's 3 of them in a 20cm section.

I just feel that it's important to show our failures, lest we turn into big blogging fakers.

And yes, I know that I'm not American, and that therefore any amendments to their constitution don't actually have any bearing on my rights. It sounds cool, okay?


  1. I think it looks good .. so I'm not sure what the failure was/is.

    I agree, we need to let our oopses hang out there as well as our successes. Otherwise some of us (me) will feel like we're the only ones who aren't perfect, and that we don't belong on the same blogosphere..

  2. I agree with Thea. That's called a pieced binding and all the uber cool quilters do it. So long as you arent trying to mitre a corner -it's all good.

    I like to show my failures because they're much more fun/interesting to blog about!